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Subject: Re: [boost] [Review:Algorithms] Comments about search algorithms
From: dpxguard-boost_at_[hidden]
Date: 2011-09-29 12:26:10

Marshall Clow wrote: > Unless I'm sadly mistaken (which has been known to happen), we are shifting both in the pattern and the corpus. > In that code, "match_start" is the place where the match might be, and "idx" is where we want to start comparing. > If idx == 0, then we start comparing from the beginning of the pattern, but otherwise, from somewhere in the middle. I recommend you to study carefully this info: And it will also help to press the "visualization" button and experiment with the applet. Furthermore I have included bellow a typical C/C++ KMP implementation, which is a slightly modified version of the example presented in the above site. You will clearly see in this sample that the corpus is never shifted. Best regards Jim Xochellis Homepage: //************************************* #include <cstdio> #include <cstring> #define XSIZE 256 void KMP(const char *pPattern, int patternSize , const char *pCorpus, int corpusSize); //------------------------------------------ int main(int argc, char* argv[]) { const char *pCorpus= "Knu of Knuth!"; const char *pPattern= "Knuth"; KMP(pPattern, strlen(pPattern), pCorpus, strlen(pCorpus)); getchar(); return 0; } //------------------------------------------ void preKmp(const char *pPattern, int patternSize , int kmpNext[]) {    int i, j;    i = 0;    j = kmpNext[0] = -1;    while (i < patternSize )    {       while (j > -1 && pPattern[i] != pPattern[j])          j = kmpNext[j];  i++; j++;  if (pPattern[i] == pPattern[j])          kmpNext[i] = kmpNext[j];       else          kmpNext[i] = j;    } } void KMP(const char *pPattern, int patternSize , const char *pCorpus, int corpusSize)  {    int patternIdx, corpusIdx, kmpNext[XSIZE];    /* Preprocessing */    preKmp(pPattern, patternSize , kmpNext);    /* Searching */    patternIdx = corpusIdx = 0;    while (corpusIdx < corpusSize)    {       while (patternIdx > -1 && pPattern[patternIdx] != pCorpus[corpusIdx])          patternIdx = kmpNext[patternIdx]; //<--- Shifting the pattern on mismatch  printf("patternIdx: %d -> corpusIdx: %d\n", patternIdx, corpusIdx);  patternIdx++;       corpusIdx++; //<--- corpus is always increased by 1  if (patternIdx >= patternSize )  {          printf("*** Success at: %u\n", corpusIdx - patternIdx);          return; //sucess       }    }    puts("*** failure"); }

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