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Subject: [boost] temp_ptr<> - preventing use as a member
From: Gottlob Frege (gottlobfrege_at_[hidden])
Date: 2011-11-13 19:41:44

I'm trying to see if I can replace all raw pointers with suitable
smart pointers that clearly describe the pointer's lifetime, sharing,

For example, a pointer passed into a function, that is only valid for
the lifetime of the function call. A temp_ptr or callstack_ptr or ...
some better name.

So this pointer would need a copy constructor so it can be passed
along into a function (I don't think requiring a ref to the pointer
would be good; I'd rather pass by value).

It would also need construction from a raw pointer, but to avoid
having a temp_ptr being kept beyond the function call, it would not
have assignment (from another temp_ptr).

To prevent constructing one via the copy constructor that will be kept
around, I can define a custom new operator but keep it private.

The only thing, I think, that I can't prevent, is construction of a
new wrapper struct that has a temp_ptr as a member (which is copy
constructed in wrapper's constructor). Can anyone think of a way to
prevent that?

I think anyone that goes out of their way to make a wrapper struct
gets what they deserve, so I don't really *need* to prevent all bad
uses. But I can aslo imagine someone just using it improperly inside
their class due to misunderstanding or whatever.

And thoughts on the goal of specific smart pointers for all occasions?


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