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Subject: [boost] RFC: Multiprecision arithmetic library
From: John Maddock (boost.regex_at_[hidden])
Date: 2011-12-22 08:41:12


I'd like to get some feedback on a multiprecision arithmetic library I've
been preparing for possible Boost inclusion. The code is in the sandbox
under the "big_number" directory. Docs can be viewed online here:

The main features are:

* A generic front-end that's capable of wrapping almost any type that's a
"number". The front end is expression template enabled and handles all the
expression optimization and code reduction. For example it's possible to
evaluate a polynomial using Horner's rule without a single temporary
variable being created.
* A series of backends that need only provide a reduced interface and set of
operations, implement the actual arithmetic, currently supported backends

Integer Types
1/ GMP (MPZ).
2/ libtommath.

Rational Types
1/ GMP (MPQ).
[ But note that the integer types can also be used as template aruments to
Boost.Rational ]

Floating Point Types
1/ GMP (MPF)
3/ cpp_float - an all C++ Boost-licensed backend based on Christopher
Kormanyos' e_float code.
[ Note these three types are fully compatible with Boost.Math Trunk - so you
get full standard library plus special function support ]

There's still a bunch to do, but I'd like to see what folks think, and where
the main priorities should be before submission.

Thanks in advance, John.

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