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Subject: Re: [boost] [thread] Boost.Thread defines boost::move which conflicts with Boost.Move
From: Vicente J. Botet Escriba (vicente.botet_at_[hidden])
Date: 2012-01-01 19:37:58

Le 01/01/12 23:25, Vicente J. Botet Escriba a écrit :
> Le 01/01/12 20:53, Eric Niebler a écrit :
>> On 1/1/2012 11:16 AM, Hartmut Kaiser wrote:
>>>> On 12/31/2011 1:58 PM, Hartmut Kaiser wrote:
>>>>> VC10, SVN trunk:
>>>>> #include<boost/move/move.hpp>
>>>>> #include<boost/thread.hpp>
>>>>> int main()
>>>>> {
>>>>> return 0;
>>>>> }
>>>>> Results in:
>>>>> .../boost/thread/detail/move.hpp(28) : error C2995:
>>>>> 'remove_reference<T>::type&&boost::move(T&&)' : function template
>>>>> has already been defined .../boost/move/move.hpp(466) : see
>>>>> declaration of 'boost::move'
>>>>> IMHO, Boost.Thread needs to be changed to rely on Boost.Move for move
>>>>> semantics instead of defining its own implementation for
>>>>> boost::move().
>>>> That sounds serious. Hartmut, can you file a showstopper for 1.50
>>>> so this
>>>> doesn't get lost?
>>> I already filed it: #6341. However, shouldn't it be a show stopper
>>> for 1.49?
>> Ah. You said trunk. Does this also happen on release? If so, yes, this
>> should be a showstopper for 1.49.
> Hi,
> this was already identified one month ago (see Boost.Thread and
> Boost.Move collision
> This was introduced in 1.48 when Boost.Move was released.
> From the option Ion presented the option to adapt Boost.Thread to use
> Boost.Move was the more convenient. Unfortunately this will need some
> time. Mankarse said that is working on it, but for the moment we don't
> have a path ready.
> I proposed a temporary solution " What I purpose for the short term
> (1.49) is to let the user to choose the namespace for the move
> function (by default Boost.Thread will use boost::), and the user
> could state that it should use boost::thread:: instead. ", but nobody
> supported it. With this possibility, Boost.Move could force the
> namespace to boost::thread.
> <>Mankarse
> do you a have a patch ready?
> I could try to implement the temporary workaround which should be less
> risky.
Hi again,

I think that the modification I did make the problem more evident

template <class T>
typename remove_reference<T>::type&&
move(T&& t)
typedef typename remove_reference<T>::type Up;
return static_cast<Up&&>(t);

This was need to make working some move related tests..

I have replaced the definition by a #include <boost/move/move.hpp>

#include <boost/move/move.hpp>

There is yet a problem if I add the include unconditionally as the the
Boost.Thread prototype in boost/detail/thread.hpp

template<typename T>
enable_if<boost::is_convertible<T&,boost::detail::thread_move_t<T> >,
boost::detail::thread_move_t<T> >::type move(T& t);

and the Boost.Move prototype

template <class T>
typename BOOST_MOVE_BOOST_NS::disable_if<has_move_emulation_enabled<T>,
T&>::type move(T& x);


test_5351.cpp: In function ‘int main(int, char**)’:
test_5351.cpp:20: error: call of overloaded
‘move(boost::packaged_task<int>&)’ is ambiguous
../../../boost/move/move.hpp:294: note: candidates are: typename
T&>::type boost::move(T&) [with T = boost::packaged_task<int>]
../../../boost/thread/detail/move.hpp:55: note: typename
boost::detail::thread_move_t<T> >, boost::detail::thread_move_t<T>
>::type boost::move(T&) [with T = boost::packaged_task<int>]

So that on compilers don't supporting Rvalue references, the collision
is yet there, but only when using boost::detail::thread_move_t, i.e. on
the Boost.Thread side

Ion, could you add a temporary disabling condition in your prototype so
that there is no conflict

template <class T>
typename BOOST_MOVE_BOOST_NS::disable_if<has_move_emulation_enabled<T>
OR boost::detail::is_thread_move_t<T> , T&>::type move(T& x);

for a adequate boost::detail::is_thread_move_t type trait?

Sorry for the disturbance. Let me know if this is a show stopper yet and
I need to apply the temporary workaround changing the namespace for the
Boost.Thread move function.

Hartmut, could you tel me if afetr updating to the Committed revision
76268 this solve your issue?


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