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Subject: [boost] RES: Is there any interest in a library for Application System? (Request for comments)
From: Renato Tegon Forti (re.tf_at_[hidden])
Date: 2012-01-05 10:12:36


Thanks again!

I will start a prototype, and I will consider yours comments.

I will get back when have something more concrete.

Thanks :0)

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Assunto: Re: [boost] Is there any interest in a library for Application
System? (Request for comments)

> Some detail (Brainstorm):
> ...
> . A Server Application
> A server application usually starts when system boot, and
> then remain running as background process, don't matter who is currently
> In Windows this will a "Windows Service" and in UNIX a "UNIX
> Daemon", and we can create a "Neutral Application" that is not a
> daemon and service, but uses "service interface" that will provide
> methods like an "init", "interrogate", "restart" and so on.
> ...
> // windows service, or daemon
> class myapp : public boost::application::server{};
> // neutral server
> class myapp : public boost::application::server<neutral>{};
> // usual application
> class myapp : public boost::application::app{};

Consider using a single base class instead of three such that one can choose
how it is started from the command line parameters or configuration file. It
is common to debug as a usual application and deploy as a service/daemon.

Other work needed to be done are as follows:
1) int main(const vector<[w]string>& parameters) member function where the
developer puts his code. This provides converting of const char*[] parameter
to the standard main function.
2) creating a windows service blocks the main thread so the above step#1
main function would need to be called from a new C++0x/boost thread.
3) control C signal handlers for terminating the service constructively
4) char versus wchar versus utf8char versus utf32char debate; the latter
pseudo types are the new char types supported by C++0x
5) since this library needs to be general and boosters would want to use
their own command line parameter or configuration file mechanism, though a
smart default is welcome, the base class may need to be abstract asking the
user defined application class enum isDaemonNeutralOrUsual(); which would
have to be virtual which boosters hate even if this is the only class
instance in the application or the compile abstract trick of class MyClass :
public boost::application:server<MyClass>{};// class inheriting from base
that inherits from itself

The first three items are features already provided by the POCO library.
The fifth is to make things more general for those who want a configuration
file capable of return objects instead of just strings.

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