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Subject: Re: [boost] [config] local types as template params
From: John Maddock (boost.regex_at_[hidden])
Date: 2012-02-22 05:51:58

> I'm adding a Boost.Config macro for (I had to shorten the name to fit the
> <
> 30 chars file length requirement):

Even if the test file name has to be shortened, I'd still use

> 1) The docs say:
> cd into libs/config/test/all and run bjam MACRONAME compiler-list, where
> MACRONAME is the name of the new macro, and compiler-list is a space
> separated list of compilers to test with.
> What compiler-list shall I specify? On my machine I only have MSVC 8 and
> 4.5.3... should this be:
> (This doesn't work...)

Are they configured in your user-config.jam? It should work for sure. Also
don't forget to test C++0x mode with gcc:

bjam -a gcc cxxflags=-std=c++0x

> 2) The docs say:
> Then you should:
> Define the defect macro in those config headers that require it.
> How do I know which config herders require the macro? I'd expect to add
> the
> boost_no_locals_as_tparams.ipp and related .cpp to Boost.Config test
> suite,
> commit to trunk, look at the trunk regression test results
> ( and
> from these results determine which compiler and therefore which
> Boost.Config
> header needs the BOOST_NO_LOCALS_AS_TPARAMS definition... However, I don't
> think that's the process (so I have committed nothing to Boost.Config in
> trunk yet).
> For example, how would I know if to add the macro to
> boost/config/borland.hpp given that I don't have a Borland compiler to run
> the BOOST_NO_LOCALS_AS_TPARAMS' test myself?

For sure there will be compilers you can't test locally, the aim though is
to get folks to test as much as they can locally so Boost.Config
a) Doesn't change often
b) Is broken for as short a time as possible (if at all).

If in doubt, ping me with a diff of what you're about to commit before you

HTH, John.

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