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Subject: Re: [boost] [fixed_point] Request for interest in a binary fixed point library
From: Vicente J. Botet Escriba (vicente.botet_at_[hidden])
Date: 2012-04-11 19:41:41

Le 12/04/12 01:13, Christopher Kormanyos a écrit :
>>> For medium digit counts, a fixed, optionally fixed-hybrid container
>>> of std::uint_fast32_t. For very high counts, use an established fast integer
>>> representation with its own fast-multiply (like a potential Boost.Multiprecision).
>> I don't know if I forgot this question. Could the first version of the
>> library be limited to only one builtin underlying representation?
> Vicente, we can talk all day---and the next and the next.
> But right now, we don't have any clarity in fixed-point
> in the community. And we definitely need it! I think that
> we will be happy to get a basic start---any start---with the
> boost quality.
> I truly believe that you can begin with one (and only one)
> signed fixed-point class based on a single template parameter that is
> a signed fixed-width built-in integer type. Remember, we don't have
> anything. And we should welcome getting something with the boost quality.
> Check out my code for signed 3.4, 7.8, 15.16, 31.32. It's fast.
> It might give you ideas about simplicity and efficiency.
> (Although the division and sqrt need improvement.)
> It also has a sample for sin(x) and exp(x) for small-argument.
> It supports std::numeric_limits.
> I am so busy right now that I got to go on with other stuff.
> My opinion: Don't aim too high at first. Give the community
> something. Maybe improve it later.
Thanks for your advice. My intent is to know what are the expectations
so that the library I could propose to Boost has a better change to be
accepted. I prefer discussing some time now and try to address the most
important requirements. Maybe at the end we conclude what you are saying

You are welcome to come back to the discussion later on if your too busy
now ;-) but the ones you have give are already quite useful.

Please let me know from where I can upload your implementation. Sure
this will be very useful.

Thanks for all,

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