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Subject: Re: [boost] [Iterator] Fixing the default reference type of transform_iterator (#5127)
From: Jeffrey Lee Hellrung, Jr. (jeffrey.hellrung_at_[hidden])
Date: 2012-04-24 17:22:23

On Sun, Apr 22, 2012 at 2:00 AM, Vicente J. Botet Escriba <
vicente.botet_at_[hidden]> wrote:

> Le 22/04/12 07:54, Jeffrey Lee Hellrung, Jr. a écrit :
>> On Sat, Apr 21, 2012 at 10:41 PM, Michel Morin<mimomorin_at_[hidden]>
>> wrote:
>> Jeffrey Lee Hellrung, Jr. wrote:
>>>> I applied your patch and committed (rev 78121).
>>>> If I screwed something up in the process of
>>>> committing, apologies and someone please let me know!
>>> Thanks for committing, Jeff!
>>> A somewhat related but more general question: What is the procedure to
>>> get
>>>> changes from trunk into release? I understand we wait a couple days for
>>> the
>>>> tests to cycle, ensure there aren't any regressions, then merge to
>>>> release...and this last merging step in SVN I'm not familiar with. I
>>>> certainly don't want to mess anything up.
>>> Sorry, I don't have any knowledge about merging :/
>>> Boost wiki has some information on merging:
>>> Mergingchangesfromdevelopmentt**runktoreleasebranch<>
>>> but it only says about TortoiseSVN.
>>> That might be good enough, as I am currently using TortoiseSVN.
>> Can some Boost developers provide the information on
>>> * how to merge into the release branch via svn
>>> * what should we care about when merging
>>> ?
>>> If anyone can just quickly confirm that the wiki is up-to-date and
>> complete
>> regarding merging (maybe at least as far as TortoiseSVN is concerned),
>> that
>> would help, too.
>> Hi,
> I don't know for TurtoiseSVN, but what do you think of the adding the CLI
> as
> *Merge *
> * *Command line: *
> o *Start with a working copy of
> *
> o *Go to the release branch directory where the merge will take
> place. *
> *cd<rel>/<directory_path>
> *
> o *Merge the directory or a specific file from trunk *
> *svn merge<trunk>/<directory_path>@**HEAD
> svn merge<trunk>/<directory_path>/**<file_name>@HEAD*
> * TortoiseSVN: /As before/
> Inspect resulting working copy for correctness.
> *Run the test with as many compilers as you can. *
> Commit working copy changes.
> Maybe someone has a better way.
> Best,
> Vicente

The TortoiseSVN description seems a bit out-of-date; going off the wiki's
instructions, I had to trial-and-error a few options before I got it right.
(It doesn't help that all operations seem really really slow...not sure if
this is an SVN problem or internet connection problem...)

For one thing, it seems that the semantics of the "From URL" and "To URL"
have changed, or were incorrect to begin with (the latter making more sense
to me). The present TortoiseSVN entry has release as From and trunk as To,
which seems backward to me and appeared backward from the present
TortoiseSVN interface.

Okay if I leave the present TortoiseSVN entry, marked for older versions,
and add another entry for TortoiseSVN 1.7.6+? Or maybe just scrap the old
TortoiseSVN entry and replace it?

 * TortoiseSVN:
   * Start with a working copy of
   * Select the directory and/or files to be merged.
   * Right-click selection for context menu, and "TortoiseSVN" > "Merge..."
   * For recent versions of TortoiseSVN (e.g., 1.7.6+)
     * Select "Merge a range of revisions"; click "Next >".
     * Populate "URL to merge from":
     * Leave "Revision range to merge" empty to merge all revisions
     * Click "Next >".
     * Click "Test merge" to be sure the setup is correct.
     * Click "Merge". (Note that this modifies your working copy, not the
   * For older versions of TortoiseSVN
     * From:
     * To: '''Uncheck''' the Use "From:" URL checkbox.
     * To:
     * To: Head revision
     * Click "Dry run" button to be sure setup is correct.
     * Click "Merge". (Note that this modifies your working copy, not the

- Jeff

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