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Subject: Re: [boost] Review Request : Boost.Range Extension
From: Michel Morin (mimomorin_at_[hidden])
Date: 2012-05-31 09:21:47

Akira Takahashi wrote:
>> I'm concerned about taking one-past-the-end pointer of non-array object.
>> Is this guaranteed to work?
>> If so, could you tell me which part of the Standard guarantee it?
> standard part is follow:
> 5.7.4
> For the purposes of these operators, a pointer to a nonarray object
> behaves the same as a pointer to the first element of an array of
> length one with the type of the object as its element type.

Ah, I missed that paragraph... thanks for your answer!

I just applied inspection tool (
to OvenToBoost (459355e). It's not a thing to fix right now, but anyway
here is the inspection result:

README: *C*, *Lic*

boost/range/access/at.hpp: *Tab*
boost/range/access/front.hpp: *Tab*
boost/range/adaptor/dropped.hpp: *Tab*
boost/range/adaptor/memoized.hpp: (line 78) Unnamed namespace
boost/range/algorithm_ext/all_of.hpp: *Tab*
boost/range/algorithm_ext/any_of.hpp: *Tab*
boost/range/algorithm_ext/none_of.hpp: *Tab*
boost/range/as_container.hpp: (line 50) Unnamed namespace
boost/range/irange_ex.hpp: (line 35) Unnamed namespace
libs/range/test/access_test/at.cpp: *Tab*
libs/range/test/adaptor_test/memoized.cpp: *Tab*
libs/range/test/directory_range_test_dir/a.txt: *C*, *Lic*
libs/range/test/directory_range_test_dir/c_dir/d.cpp: *C*, *END* file
doesn't end with a newline, *Lic*

*Lic* missing Boost license info, or wrong reference text
*C* missing copyright notice
*EOL* invalid (cr only) line-ending
*END* file doesn't end with a newline
*LINK* invalid bookmarks, duplicate bookmarks, invalid urls, broken
links, unlinked files
*N* file and directory name issues
*Tab* tabs in file
*ASCII* non-ASCII chars in file
*APPLE-MACROS* calls to Apple's debugging macros in file
*ASSERT-MACROS* presence of C-style assert macro in file (use
*M* uses of min or max that have not been protected from the min/max
macros, or unallowed #undef-s
*U* unnamed namespace in header
Directories with a file named "boost-no-inspect" will not be inspected.
Files containing "boost-no-inspect" will not be inspected.

Hope this helps,

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