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Subject: Re: [boost] [coroutine] new location
From: Christopher Kormanyos (e_float_at_[hidden])
Date: 2012-09-05 17:01:49

>> Can I remove the integer parameter?

> yes
>> If so, how should it be coded?
> This version compiles for me:


Thank you Oliver. Your first code suggestion is
exactly what I need. It works on the PC with VS2010.
In fact, it's running right now indefinitely with two coro's.

So now we move on to the hard part. I only have a day or two
to try something a little bit harder. Maybe we can do it in
the short time, but maybe we need to postpone it.

Anyway, let's try.

These are really hard questions, I know. So if you
can't answer them, please do not worry. We can always
look into this later.

I would like to deeply embed coroutine in a hard real-time
system. For the target system, I will be using use an
ARM(R) Cortex(R)-M3 microcontroller *with no* FPU.

For this endeavor, I have three questions:

1) How can I set the desired stack size to a small amount
such as 256 bytes?

2) I do not want cross-build boost right now.
Which asm/cpp files should I extract from context
for ARM(R) to include as sources in my project?
Please don't worry about me or my sanity here,
I roll with cross-compilers and builds all the time!

3) How can I disable saving/restoring of the
floating-point context in Boost.Context?
My target micro does not have an FPU?

Thank you.

Sincerely, Chris.

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