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Subject: Re: [boost] [release][1.52.0] Release Notes
From: Vicente J. Botet Escriba (vicente.botet_at_[hidden])
Date: 2012-09-30 11:43:34

Le 30/09/12 14:19, Daniel James a écrit :
> Hello everyone,
> We're coming up to the beta release, so it's time to put together the
> release notes (although please don't feel you need to wait for me to
> start). As always you can send them to me, or if you want update them
> yourself in subversion. The files are at:

Please, could you add the following?


* [phrase library..[@/libs/chrono/index.html Chrono]:]

   * [*New Features:]

     * [@ #5980] Enhance chrono I/O with H. Hinnant proposal [@ proposal] which has the advantage to provide I/O for system clocks using the Gregorian Calendar.
     * [@ #5981] Add i/o state savers for duration and time_point formatting state.
     * [@ #7059] Add low level i/o facilities.

   * [*Deprecated features:]

     * The chrono i/o version included in Boost.Chrono 1.2.x has been completly refactored in version 2.0.0
     * chrono I/O: The manipulators __duration_short, __duration_long are depreceated. You should use the parameterized form __duration_fmt or the renamed manipulators __duration_symbol and __duration_prefix instead.
     * chrono I/O: The __duration_punct<> facet is depreceated. You should use the __get_duration_style free function to get the informations and use the __duration_units facet for localization purposes.
     * When BOOST_CHRONO_VERSION==2 the preceding deprecated functions are not available.

   * [*Fixes:]

     * [@ #7381] C++11 compliance: unresolved symbol when assigning a constexpr duration to a non-const local variable.

   * [*Would not fix:]

     * [@ #6871] chrono_io.hpp: operator<<(ostream& os, ...) modifies the state of os. The neww io interface provided in version 2 solves this issue. You should move to the new version.

* [phrase library..[@/libs/thread/index.html Thread]:]

   * [*Deprecated Features]: Deprecated features since boost 1.50 available only until boost 1.55. These deprecated features will be provided by default up to boost 1.52. If you don't want to include the deprecated features you could define BOOST_THREAD_DONT_PROVIDE_DEPRECATED_FEATURES_SINCE_V3_0_0. Since 1.53 these features will not be included any more by default. Since this version, if you want to include the deprecated features yet you could define BOOST_THREAD_PROVIDE_DEPRECATED_FEATURES_SINCE_V3_0_0. These deprecated features will be only available until boost 1.55, that is you have yet 1 year to move to the new features.

     * Time related functions don't using the Boost.Chrono library, use the chrono overloads instead.
     Breaking changes when BOOST_THREAD_VERSION==3 (Default value since Boost 1.53):

     There are some new features which share the same interface but with different behavior. These breaking features are provided by default when BOOST_THREAD_VERSION is 3, but the user can however choose the version 2 behavior by defining the corresponding macro. As for the deprecated features, these broken features will be only available until boost 1.55.

     * [@ #6229] C++11 compliance & Breaking change: Rename the unique_future to future following the c++11.
     * [@ #6266] C++11 compliance & Breaking change: thread destructor should call terminate if joinable.
     * [@ #6269] C++11 compliance & Breaking change: thread move assignment should call terminate if joinable.

   * [*New Features:]

     * [@ #4710] C++11 compliance: Missing async().
     * [@ #7283] C++11 compliance: Add notify_all_at_thread_exit.
     * [@ #7345] C++11 compliance: Add noexcept to recursive mutex try_lock.

   * [*Fixed Bugs:]

     * [@ #2361] thread_specific_ptr: document nature of the key, complexity and rationale.
     * [@ #2797] Two problems with thread_specific_ptr.
     * [@ #5274] failed to compile future.hpp with stlport 5.1.5 under msvc8.1, because of undefined class.
     * [@ #5431] compile error in Windows CE 6.0(interlocked).
     * [@ #5752] boost::call_once() is unreliable on some platforms.
     * [@ #7045] Thread library does not automatically compile date_time.
     * [@ #7173] wrong function name interrupt_point().
     * [@ #7200] Unable to build boost.thread modularized.
     * [@ #7220] gcc 4.6.2 warns about inline+dllimport functions.
     * [@ #7238] this_thread::sleep_for() does not respond to interrupt().
     * [@ #7245] Minor typos on documentation related to version 3.
     * [@ #7272] win32/thread_primitives.hpp: (Unneccessary) Warning.
     * [@ #7284] Clarify that there is no access priority between lock and shared_lock on shared mutex.
     * [@ #7329] boost/thread/future.hpp does not compile on HPUX.
     * [@ #7336] BOOST_THREAD_DONT_USE_SYSTEM doesn't work.
     * [@ #7349] packaged_task holds reference to temporary.
     * [@ #7350] allocator_destructor does not destroy object

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