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Subject: Re: [boost] [multiprecision] OK to merge to Trunk?
From: Mario Mulansky (mario.mulansky_at_[hidden])
Date: 2012-11-14 09:11:31

On Tuesday, November 13, 2012 05:53:26 PM John Maddock wrote:
> Folks,
> Unless there are any objections, I'd like to merge the multiprecision
> library to SVN Trunk pretty soon.

Where are you planning to put the library? I think it clearly addresses
numeric problems so I would say it should go into


> Here are the main changes since the review, which have mostly concentrated
> on the interface changes:
> * Non-expression template operators further optimized with rvalue reference
> support.
> * Many functions made `constexp`.
> * Differentiate between explicit and implicit conversions in the number
> constructor.
> * Removed "mp_" prefix from types.
> * Allowed mixed precision arithmetic.
> * Changed ExpressionTemplates parameter to class `number` to use enumerated
> values rather than true/false.
> * Changed ExpressionTemplate parameter default value to use a traits class
> so that the default value depends on the backend used.
> * Added support for fused-multiply-add/subtract with GMP support.
> * Tweaked expression template unpacking to use fewer temporaries when the
> LHS also appears in the RHS.
> * Refactored `cpp_int_backend` based on review comments with new template
> parameter structure.
> * Added additional template parameter to `mpfr_float_backend` to allow
> stack-based allocation.
> * Added section on mixed precision arithmetic, and added support for
> operations yielding a higher precision result
> than either of the arguments.
> * Added overloads of integer-specific functions for built in integer types.
> Things requested in review, but not yet done:
> * We can reuse temporaries in multiple subtrees (temporary caching). Low
> priority for now.
> * cpp_dec_float should round to nearest. Chris currently has no time for
> this, and it's really hard to do *right*.
> * A 2's complement fixed precision int that uses exactly N bits and no more.
> Refactoring of cpp_int should make this easier to add as an option in
> future.
> There are also documentation updates pending (mostly relating to the new
> improved performance results), and more tests I want to add/run, bit
> basically I need to get things widely tested to move forward now.
> Release schedule wise, I think it'll be hard to get things ready for the
> next release, but the release after that really should be on the cards.
> So basically now is the last chance for folks to complain before the
> interface gets ossified ;-)
> As ever current code is in the sandbox under /big_number/ and docs can be
> viewed online here:
> ml/index.html
> Regards, John.
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