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Subject: Re: [boost] [smart ptr] Any interest in copy-on-write pointer for C++11?
From: Ralph Tandetzky (ralph.tandetzky_at_[hidden])
Date: 2013-02-13 06:04:17

On 02/11/2013 09:48 PM, Vicente J. Botet Escriba wrote:
> Le 11/02/13 19:15, Ralph Tandetzky a écrit :
>> On 02/10/2013 10:27 AM, Vicente J. Botet Escriba wrote:
>>> Le 10/02/13 03:04, Vicente J. Botet Escriba a écrit :
>>>> Le 08/02/13 16:16, Ralph Tandetzky a écrit :
>>>>> Hi,
>>>>> is there any interest in a copy-on-write pointer implementation? I
>>>>> wrote a cow_ptr<T> template class for C++11 which has the
>>>>> following use cases:
>>>>>>> 3. You can add cloning to a class hierarchy from the outside. With
>>>>>>> cow_ptr<Base> a( new Derived1 );
>>>>>>> cow_ptr<Base> b( new Derived2 );
>>>>>>> cow_ptr<Base> c;
>>>>>>> c = a; // performs a shallow copy.
>>>>>>> c->doSomething(); // makes a deep copy of a as a
>>>>>>> Derived1 class.
>>>>>>> // There is no slicing involved.
>>>>>>> you copy Base objects polymorphically. The class Base can even
>>>>>>> be abstract here. It is only required that Derived1 and Derived2
>>>>>>> be CopyConstructible.
>>>>>> It seems to me that the copy of polymorphic object works only
>>>>>> with the help of the user and that the following should be
>>>>>> mentioned as a limitation
>>>>>> Base* ba = new Derived1;
>>>>>> cow_ptr<Base> a( ba );
>>>>>> cow_ptr<Base> c;
>>>>>> c = a; // performs a shallow copy.
>>>>>> c->doSomething(); // couldn't makes a deep copy of a
>>>>>> as a Derived1 class as the type has been lost.
>>>>>> // There is a slicing involved.
>>>> In the DefaultCloner there is an assertion
>>>> assert( typeid( *p ) == typeid( const T& ) );
>>>> which would be violated in the line you marked. So you'll notice
>>>> that during debugging when the copy is performed. There's no way to
>>>> check that at compile-time unfortunately.
> Ok. So typeid( *p ) == typeid( const T& ) is a precondition of the
> constructor from a Y*. I find this quite unfortunate. Which is the
> advantage this provide to the user? Better performances? if yes where?
The advantage relative to what? I assume in comparison to make_cow.
Well, there are several advantages:
1. You can construct from a pointer that points to something already
allocated. You do not need to allocate and copy.
2. You have a custom copier/cloner and custom deleter.
The assertion performes automatic checking in debug mode. In release
mode everything can run at full speed.
>>> If this is confirmed, I see it as a show-stopper, and the cloning
>>> strategy must be redefined.
>>> I don't see any relational operators. Is this intentional?
>> To a degree. It's not totally obvious, if only the pointers will be
>> compared, or if pointers are equal, if the pointed-to objects will be
>> compared for equality as well. I'd prefer the first variant and I
>> will add them in the next revision.
> Could your class store nullptr?
> Does your class have value semantics or pointer semantics?
> IMHO, it should have value semantics and the comparison should be made
> on the stored value.
That's a good question. Right now I tend to prefer genuine value
semantics, because right now I don't see a point in making it nullable.
I never had this usecase. Then cow_ptr would not be appropriate as name
anymore. In order to make the possibly polymorphic behaviour of the
pointees more visible in the name of the class, clone_on_write<T> might
be better then plain copy_on_write<T>. What about a reset(U*) member
function ?
>> This stuff can be done with the constructors and the assignment
>> operators. So, strictly speaking there's no need for it. You might
>> get a bit better performance with reset() though. (Is performance
>> actually the reason for shared_ptr and unique_ptr to provide a
>> reset() function?) At first I wanted to keep the class interface
>> simple. I might add it in the future. Are there compelling reasons to
>> add it now?
> I suspect that if the operation can be implemented with better
> performances than using constructor and assignment it is a compelling
> reason.
Ok, well then, I will implement it soon.
> Best,
> Vicente

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