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Subject: [boost] [build & test] clang-3.2 for Win32
From: Jim Bell (Jim_at_[hidden])
Date: 2013-04-01 07:37:43

I took the liberty to run regressions with clang-3.2 on Win32. It's
pretty unhappy, and most failures have to do with it not building shared
libraries (DLLs) correctly. Not finding symbols. I found a (non-boost)
thread that talks about that being a problem with it.

Even so, I had a couple questions:

1. It gets labeled clang-linux-3.2, though it's under the Windows
umbrella in the regression matrix. How do we fix that? user-config.jam
'using clang ;' does seem to work fine.

2. I get these warnings. They seem like clang's problem, not ours. Am I

..\boost/test/execution_monitor.hpp:59:7: warning: 'dllexport' attribute only applies to variables and functions [-Wignored-attributes]
class BOOST_TEST_DECL translate_exception_base {
..\boost/test/detail/config.hpp:88:29: note: expanded from macro 'BOOST_TEST_DECL'
..\boost/config/platform/win32.hpp:30:42: note: expanded from macro 'BOOST_SYMBOL_EXPORT'
# define BOOST_SYMBOL_EXPORT __declspec(dllexport)
<built-in>:154:38: note: expanded from macro '__declspec'
#define __declspec(a) __attribute__((a))

3. I tried to coerce the regression to use only static libraries
     (since clang does build boost static pretty well)...

     --bjam-options='link=static runtime-link=static'

but this made some part of the regression tests very unhappy:
     error: link=shared together with runtime-link=static is not allowed
     error: such property combination is either impossible
     error: or too dangerious to be of any use

That's understandable, as it goes against the grain. But is there a way
to inform the tests somehow? It's easy to imagine wanting to explicitly
test what a shared library does, but what about cases where it doesn't
matter if it's shard or static? (Are they distinguishable?)

If anyone's interested, please peruse the mess I made of the regression
matrix. And purge them from the matrix, too, eventually.

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