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Subject: Re: [boost] [1.54.0] Release notes
From: John Maddock (john_at_[hidden])
Date: 2013-05-24 05:18:53

> It's time to send me your release notes, or if you're feeling
> enthusiastic, you can add them yourself at:

Math lib:

* Major reorganization to incorporate other Boost.Math like Integer
Utilities LCD, GCM, quaternions and octonions.
Making new chapter headings.
* Added many references to Boost.Multiprecision and `cpp_dec_float_50` as an
example of a User-defined Type (UDT).
* Added Clang to list of supported compilers.
* Fixed constants to use a thread-safe cache of computed values when used at
arbitrary precision.
* Added finding zeros of Bessel functions `cyl_bessel_j_zero`,
`cyl_neumann_zero`, `air_ai_zeros` and `air_bi_zeros`(by Christopher
* More accuracy improvements to the Bessel J and Y functions from Rocco
* Fixed nasty cyclic dependency bug that caused some headers to not compile
[@ #7999].
* Fixed bug in __tgamma that caused spurious overflow for arguments between
142.5 and 143.
* Fixed bug in raise_rounding_error that caused it to return an incorrect
result when throwing an exception is turned off
[@ #7905].
* Added minimal __float128 support.
* Fixed bug in edge-cases of poisson quantile
[@ #8308].
* Adjusted heuristics used in Halley iteration to cope with inverting the
incomplete beta in tricky regions
where the derivative is flatlining. Example is computing the quantile of
the Fisher F distribution for probabilities
smaller than machine epsilon. See ticket
[@ #8314].


* [*Breaking change] renamed `rational_adapter` to `rational_adaptor`.
* Add support for [mpfi].
* Add logged_adaptor.
* Add support for 128-bit floats via GCC's `__float128` or Intel's `_Quad`
data types.
* Add support for user-defined literals in cpp_int, improve `constexpr`
* Fixed bug in integer division of `cpp_int` that results in incorrect sign
of `cpp_int` when both arguments are small enough
to fit in a `double_limb_type`. See
[@ 8126].
* Fixed bug in subtraction of a single limb in `cpp_int` that results in
incorrect value when the result should have a 0
in the last limb: [@ 8133].
* Fixed bug in `cpp_int` where division of 0 by something doesn't get zero
in the result: [@ 8160].
* Fixed bug in some transcendental functions that caused incorrect return
values when variables are reused, for example with
`a = pow(a, b)`. See [@ 8326].


Added new traits is_nothrow_move_assignable, is_nothrow_move_constructible,
has_trivial_move_assign, has_trivial_move_constructor.

Cheers, John.

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