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Subject: Re: [boost] [gsoc] Getting started with a repository (Was: Re: Live read-only GIT mirrors of Boost trunk SVN)
From: Paul A. Bristow (pbristow_at_[hidden])
Date: 2013-05-28 11:13:55

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> Cc: Dave Abrahams; Stjepan Rajko
> Subject: [boost] [gsoc] Getting started with a repository (Was: Re: Live read-only GIT mirrors of
> trunk SVN)
> Following on from an earlier discussion...
> On 4 May 2013 20:00, Stefan Seefeld <stefan_at_[hidden]> wrote:
> > On 05/04/2013 01:25 PM, Dave Abrahams wrote:
> > > on Sat May 04 2013, Stefan Seefeld <> wrote:
> > >
> > >> it would be great if the sandbox could be converted quickly, so
> > >> GSoC students can use it ?
> > > We don't expect anyone to commit to
> > >
> > > once the transition is complete. In fact, it would be good to stop now.
> > > Instead, people should use individual Git repositories.
> >
> > OK, that makes sense. So sanbox projects become entirely independent
> > with the only dependency being some upstream boost version (which may
> > correspond to either a release or a development version).
> >
> So, students can assume that users have boost installed on their machine in a standard location,
and can
> set up a separate git repository for their project. Great.
> I remember there used to be a template in the sandbox for getting started; all I see right now is
> It looks like it's the right kind of thing, but is this still under_construction (cc'ing Stjepan)?
It seems to
> produce a basic set of directories, Jamfiles, etc. when following these steps:
> svn co
> cd template_under_construction
> python sandbox
> # Answer some question prompts
> >> It would be great if they didn't need to learn a thousand tools before
> > >> being able to focus on the project itself, and so having a
> > >> well-defined and -documented process to set things up and get
> > >> started would be very helpful.
> > > I don't know what you mean here, sorry.
> >
> > Never mind. I was thinking of a mix of versioning tools used for
> > sandbox projects, boost trunk, etc., causing an unnecessarily steep
> > learning curve. But if individual projects are to be hosted separately
> > anyhow, that's much less of a concern (though it would still be useful
> > to have clear and up-to-date guidelines for directory layout, build
> > system, etc., to make it easier to merge to trunk should we ever get this far).
> >
> Is setting up Jamroot / Jamfiles still the recommended way of getting started?

Probably but ...

I think the GIT team should make a decision NOW about whether GSOC students should use GIT or not.

I think I'm against this, on the grounds that there is a lot to go wrong, and much critical students
Google-time, especially with those who may be even ranker amateurs than me ;-)

Unless there is a firm commitment from the GIT team to support students using GIT, then I think they
should stick to boost-sandbox and do things "the old way".

Views from the GIT team?


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