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Subject: Re: [boost] [smart_ptr] enable_shared_from_this and shared_ptr to a base class
From: Adam Romanek (romanek.adam_at_[hidden])
Date: 2013-06-24 05:22:26

On 06/24/2013 10:06 AM, Jonathan Wakely wrote:
> On 24 June 2013 08:22, Adam Romanek wrote:
>> You wrote that there is no shared_ptr pointing to Y in my code. I can't
>> agree. There is - sp. It points to Y through a pointer to X, which is
>> perfectly valid. Moreover, in my opinion it "owns" an instance of Y and will
>> attempt to destroy it when necessary.
> No it won't, the program has undefined behaviour because X::~X() is not virtual.

Yep, my bad. But this discussion is not about destroying X / Y correctly.

> Don't upcast the Y* to X* before giving ownership to a shared_ptr,
> that's a bug in your code. Everything works if you fix that.
> Even if the destructor was virtual (so the code didn't have undefined
> behaviour) your expectation of enable_shared_from_this is wrong. For
> it to work would require a dynamic_cast in every shared_ptr
> constructor taking a raw pointer, to check if the X* points to a base
> class of a Y*. That would add unacceptable overhead for many people.

I haven't thought about implementation implications of using
enable_shared_from_this the way I used it in the example code.

Please note that this was just an example. The issue arose in a more
complicated code where things are not so simple and easy to catch.

> The documentation says that there must be a shared_ptr that owns t,
> where t is an instance of T (in your case T is Y). That is not true
> for your program, for a shared_ptr to "own" a pointer t it must have
> been constructed with a copy of _that_ pointer, not some other pointer
> with a different type to some base class of the same object. The
> shared_ptr owns the pointer it was constructed with, and you do not
> construct it with a Y*, so no shared_ptr owns a pointer to your Y
> object.

When taking inheritance into account one can safely say that a pointer
to a base class X pointing to an instance of a derived class Y owns this
instance. That's my point of view.

So maybe "ownership" should be described in more detail?

> I think there is a small documentation bug though,
> enable_shared_from_this talks about owning an object of type T, but
> the shared_ptr docs talk about owning a pointer. The docs for
> std::enable_shared_from_this correctly say "There shall be at least
> one shared_ptr instance p that owns &t." (as opposed to "owns t").
> The & should be added to the Boost docs.

Adam Romanek

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