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Subject: Re: [boost] Patch bonanza for VS2013 Preview support
From: Niall Douglas (ndouglas_at_[hidden])
Date: 2013-07-02 10:53:40

> What's the best way to spend your vacation if not trying to get Boost to
> build on
> bleeding-edge compilers. I set out to see how well Boost 1.54.0 behaved on
> the
> newly released go-live-ready Visual Studio
> 2013 Preview. Below is the list of bugs filed against Boost and Microsoft.
> Enjoy.

Firstly, thanks for the work to support VS2013 so quickly. Much appreciation
from here!

Can I ask: did you switch on the Boost macros for the new C++11 support in
VS2013 to see how those fare? For reference, these are the newly added C++11
features in VS2013 Preview over VS2012:

* Default template arguments for function templates
* Delegating constructors
* Explicit conversion operators
* Initializer lists and uniform initialization
* Raw string literals
* Variadic templates

These are coming in the RTM:

* Alias templates
* Defaulted functions (except for rvalue references v3)
* Deleted functions
* Non-static data member initializers (NSDMIs)
* C99 _Bool
* C99 compound literals
* C99 designated initializers
* C99 variable declarations

Apparently with the new variadic template based STL VS2013 is ~10% faster to
compile and uses ~20% less memory. C++11 support on VS2013 is of course
non-optional, so I guess that's all good for everyone.


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