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Subject: Re: [boost] Patch bonanza for VS2013 Preview support
From: Niall Douglas (ndouglas_at_[hidden])
Date: 2013-07-08 12:07:38

> > To which the only natural conclusion must be that I was, and am, too
> > incompetent to find these things on my own. Hence my hesitancy to cast
> > aspersions on others. Once the code base is stable and fully ported to
> > Boost, then I'm happy to start work on a clean ThreadSanitiser during
> > which I'll no doubt discover and fix a ton of problems in my code.
> > Only then will I feel comfortable in blaming others for problems I have
> So you're afraid to file a bug report only to be told the bug is in your
code or in
> your understanding? This happens to me ALL THE TIME. I regularly get
> by Richard Smith, who closes about half my clang bugs as "by design".
> stop me. Better to make an erroneous report than to sit on it.

Heh! I would have said that I don't want to waste other people's valuable
time until I'm sure the problem is in their code and not mine. Usually my
intuitions about the cause of a bug are correct, but that's not the same as
empirical proof.

> I seem to be unable to change your opinion, so I'll stop now. <shrug> But
> should be telling that even a representative of a compiler vector
> (Stephan) is begging you to file the bug.

We don't disagree on anything except timing - you think bug reports should
come sooner, I think they should come later. We're actually only talking two
months difference at most considering GSoC ends in September.

Note that if the bug were in the compiler frontend, the report would go in
instantly because then it can't be my code. And you're right that in 50% of
the cases I've reported those I've also been told the compiler's behavior is
by design. The C++ language spec is huge.


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