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Subject: Re: [boost] [boost/spirit] numeric policy
From: Brian Schrom (brian.schrom_at_[hidden])
Date: 2013-08-01 17:27:35

On 07/31/2013 10:03 PM, Agustín K-ballo Bergé wrote:

> ...
> For Spirit V2, policies are not required to inherit from the
> default ones, so any change to them is potentially a breaking
> change. Although I have yet to see a case where this would happen. If
> you think this approach would work for your use case and you want to
> try and make the necessary source and documentation changes, I will
> be happy to help you through the process.

Thank you. The patch (against svn trunk as of 2013-08-01) I have so far
is quite small, so I in-lined it below. Without knowing a whole lot
more about Spirit, this is my best guess for the files that would need

I built the resultant quickbook and ran the spirit unit tests, though
some are failing trunk on my gcc version 4.7.3 setup, but appear to be
unrelated to this change. I'm still not 100% sure that this is a proper
approach to the problem. For instance, maybe the policy should be
initializing the value, and that is incorporated into the begin/init or

If you feel that this approach is appropriate, I can do some small
additional changes to conform to the code base properly if I know what
they are. If there is substantial effort to get where it needs to be,
it is probably not worth your time right now and the patch can be
archived in the mailing list if it's useful for a later time.



Index: libs/spirit/doc/qi/numeric.qbk
--- libs/spirit/doc/qi/numeric.qbk (revision 85183)
+++ libs/spirit/doc/qi/numeric.qbk (working copy)
@@ -765,6 +765,7 @@
     [[Expression] [Semantics]]
+ [[`RP::begin(n)`] [Allows the policy to
     [[`RP::allow_leading_dot`] [Allow leading dot.]]
     [[`RP::allow_trailing_dot`] [Allow trailing dot.]]
     [[`RP::expect_dot`] [Require a dot.]]
@@ -789,6 +790,8 @@
     [[`RP::parse_inf(f, l, n)`] [Parse an Inf.
                                             Return `true` if
successful, otherwise `false`.
                                             If successful, place the
result into `n`.]]
+ [[`RP::end(n,b)`] [Allows the policy to
finalize, b is result of parsing.
+ Return `true` if
successful, otherwise `false`.]]
 The `parse_nan` and `parse_inf` functions get called whenever:
Index: boost/spirit/home/qi/numeric/detail/real_impl.hpp
--- boost/spirit/home/qi/numeric/detail/real_impl.hpp (revision 85183)
+++ boost/spirit/home/qi/numeric/detail/real_impl.hpp (working copy)
@@ -133,6 +133,7 @@
         parse(Iterator& first, Iterator const& last, Attribute& attr,
             RealPolicies const& p)
+ p.begin(attr);
             if (first == last)
                 return false;
             Iterator save = first;
@@ -258,7 +259,7 @@
             traits::assign_to(traits::negate(neg, n), attr);
             // Success!!!
- return true;
+ return p.end(attr, true);
Index: boost/spirit/home/qi/numeric/real_policies.hpp
--- boost/spirit/home/qi/numeric/real_policies.hpp (revision 85183)
+++ boost/spirit/home/qi/numeric/real_policies.hpp (working copy)
@@ -28,6 +28,13 @@
         static bool const allow_trailing_dot = true;
         static bool const expect_dot = false;
+ // Do any initialization of attr that is needed
+ template <typename Attribute>
+ static void
+ begin(Attribute& attr_)
+ {
+ }
         template <typename Iterator>
         static bool
         parse_sign(Iterator& /*first*/, Iterator const& /*last*/)
@@ -154,6 +161,14 @@
             return false;
+ // Do any finalization of attr that is needed
+ template <typename Attribute>
+ static bool
+ end(Attribute& attr_,bool result)
+ {
+ return result;
+ }

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