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Subject: Re: [boost] [build] is still broken
From: Niall Douglas (s_sourceforge_at_[hidden])
Date: 2013-10-21 21:02:59

On 21 Oct 2013 at 20:45, Edward Diener wrote:

> > Be aware that I found any Mingw after the one based on GCC 4.6.4 is
> > broken with Boost in various unhelpful ways (e.g. generating
> > assembler ops its assembler won't accept). In fact, of course, Mingw
> > with GCC 4.6 was also broken (e.g. <atomic> does not implement
> > actually atomic operations), but it had been around long enough
> > people had patched for it.
> Do you know Which Boost libraries are broken with MingW using gcc 4.6.4
> on up ?

Mingw with GCC 4.6.4 works okay. It's what my Jenkins CI uses for
Mingw pre-commit testing.

> I have tested some of my own things on trunk with MingW and gcc-4.7.0
> and gcc.4.7.2 and they are testing OK, so I want to understand what
> Boost code is broken.

I'm sure things will be different for different people, but there was
certainly a GCC 4.7.x based Mingw that forgot to feed -march=i486 to
its assembler, so if you did anything needing atomic instructions it

I also found a showstopping ICE with my code on a GCC 4.8.x based
Mingw which kinda ruled it out for me. I went back to the GCC 4.6.4
based Mingw. It's reliable.

> > Mingw-w64 is absolutely fine though, and I very strongly recommend
> > its use over traditional Mingw. Mingw-w64 was so trouble free that it
> > just worked for me first time, which was quite a novel experience.
> I will try this out also. Thanks !

My only complaint with Mingw-w64 (I used the GCC 4.8 based version)
is that it dislikes the MSVC idiom of using {0} or {sizeof(struct)}
to zero initialise structures. It still compiles them, but it warns
and you get a ton of those warnings. You could disable just that
warning, but if I remember there are instances where you really do
want to see that warning. That said, they'd get lost in the noise on
Mingw. Other than that, my experience was good.


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