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Subject: Re: [boost] [functors] proposal
From: Piotr Wygocki (vwygos_at_[hidden])
Date: 2013-10-23 07:10:30

Than you for your feedback!

> Are you aware of Boost.Phoenix ( or its predecessor Boost.Lambda ) ? Also
> some of the functors appear to duplicate functors in the C++ standard
> library in functional.

1) This is good point, this functors are for this kind of people who like

 Many of proposed functors are equivalent to very simple lambdas.
 For example:
    ArrayToFunction can be replaced in most cases replaced with

   auto arrayToFunction = [&](int i){ return v[i];};


  auto arrayToFunction = phoenix::ref(v)[_1];

  In this case my proposal is to standarize this kind of popular usage:
  auto arrayToFunction = make_ArrayToFunctor(v);

2) There is another use case for people who like passing functors and need
default arguments.

 For example my SkipFunctor does exactly the same job as phoenix::nothing.
 For example my RetrunFalseFunctor does exactly the same job as

 Look at this use case:

 template <typename SomeAction = SkipFunctor, typename StopCondidtion =
 struct Algorithm {


 AFAIK it cannot be replaced with phoenix construction because we do not
have the type of the nothing functor.
 Particularly, note that decltype(phoenix::nothing) is not going to work.

 This is tiny difference but this play a big role in a code I write.

3) The And, Or, Xot and Not which were redundant with std::logical_or,
std::logical_and... Still there are missing nontemplate version, I added

> Logical Xor ?

Semantically this is logical operator and it has equal rights with || or
&&. AFAIK the only reason that there is no such logical operator in c++ is
that it can be emulated by "!=".
Now Xor can be emulated by NotEqualTo.
Although I think it is better to have struct with clear semantic meaning,
I will stick to standarization committe point of view and remove Xor.



> New and useful functors are always welcome but please look at Phoenix
> first. If you feel you still have new functors maybe you can talk to the
> Phoenix developers to see if they will fit in Phoenix, or submit your
> library if there is enough interest by others.
>> Regards,
>> Piotr
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