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Subject: [boost] [conversion] Verification check results: svn branches/release vs git master
From: Beman Dawes (bdawes_at_[hidden])
Date: 2013-11-26 15:41:28

* As reported previously, the follow extra header files are present in the
git repos:

> boost\functional\hash\Attic\deque.hpp
> boost\functional\hash\Attic\list.hpp
> boost\functional\hash\Attic\map.hpp
> boost\functional\hash\Attic\pair.hpp
> boost\functional\hash\Attic\set.hpp
> boost\functional\hash\Attic\vector.hpp
> boost\property_tree\detail\exceptions_implementation.hpp
> boost\property_tree\detail\path_implementation.hpp
> boost\property_tree\detail\pugxml.hpp
> boost\property_tree\detail\translator_implementation.hpp
> boost\property_tree\detail\xml_parser_read_pugixml.hpp
> boost\property_tree\detail\xml_parser_read_pugxml.hpp
> boost\property_tree\detail\xml_parser_read_spirit.hpp
> boost\property_tree\detail\xml_parser_read_tinyxml.hpp

* There were no missing header files in master.

* Except for line endings and svn $Id$, $Revision$, and $Date$, there were
no differences in content between header files in svn branches/release and
git master.

* Regression tests were run on both svn branches/release and git master.
5447 tests passed on each, however each had one test that passed on it but
failed on the other. See the following two items for details.

* Boost.Thread test_thread_lib passed on svn branches/release (and in the
public regression tests) but failed on svn master. The message was:

====== BEGIN OUTPUT ======
Running 8 test cases...
d:/modular-boost/libs/thread/test/./util.inl(160): fatal error in
"test_creation_through_reference_wrapper": Timed test didn't complete in
time, possible deadlock.

*** 1 failure detected in test suite "Master Test Suite"

====== END OUTPUT ======

Windows decided to go to sleep in the middle of the run, and that may
account for this error.

* Boost.Thread ex_executor_lib passed in git master, but failed in svn
branches/release. The message was:

====== BEGIN OUTPUT ======
1178 ..\libs\thread\test\..\example\executor.cpp[ 58] int
__cdecl main(void)
940 6776
2126] ] void __cdecl p1(void)void __cdecl p2(void)

940 d5c1a78
2121] ] void __cdecl p1(void)void __cdecl p1(void)

d5c 1a78
2621] ] void __cdecl p2(void)void __cdecl p1(void)

 ..\libs\thread\test\..\example\executor.cppd5c [
1a..\libs\thread\test\..\example\executor.cpp] [void __cdecl p2(void)26 ]
void __cdecl p2(void)
940 d5c
2126] ] void __cdecl p1(void)void __cdecl p2(void)

d5c 940
3131] ] int __cdecl f1(void)int __cdecl f1(void)

Assertion failed: 0 && "Boost::Chrono - Internal Error", file
C:\boost\svn-release-final\boost/chrono/detail/inlined/win/chrono.hpp, line
1178 ..\libs\thread\test\..\example\executor.cpp[ 67] int
__cdecl main(void) t1= 1

====== END OUTPUT ======

I have no idea why it would pass for testers but not for me, but am much
less worried about a failure in svn branches/release than git master.


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