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Subject: Re: [boost] [git] Submodule's readme and logo
From: Andrew Hundt (athundt_at_[hidden])
Date: 2013-12-16 15:46:08

I like the style and how they are more low profile when they are carved out
as white. I also think it is good that boost is a bit smaller than the
library name. For the icons themselves I would change a couple of the ones
that look like they could easily apply to something else.
Here are my thoughts on each icon:

   1. array - What about something like a solar panel look or some other
   analogous array of physical material or objects? The current one looks a
   bit like a dotted line.
   2. atomic - I like that one, did you also consider the classic atom
   symbol? This one is public domain and could be applied once the colors are
   3. bimap - seems good
   4. bind - nice
   5. boost book - love it
   6. build - I guess this is the existing logo, but I would like if this
   was the container logo better.
   7. circular buffer - love it
   8. config - I know a gear is frequently used for configuration, but
   perhaps it should be saved for something that is for run time configuration
   rather than compile time?
   9. container - perhaps it could be a simple treasure chest outline? The
   current one looks like it would be for a build system.
   10. function - I like it
   11. fusion - love it
   12. geometry - nice, I wonder what would a simplified boost logo in a
   boost logo would look like for this?
   13. inspect - magnifying glass is frequently used for search, though I
   don't have an alternative idea off hand.
   14. lock free - lock is frequently used for security, perhaps an open
   15. log - ok but not inspiring, perhaps there is a good way to capture
   streams aka arrows going into a drive, container, or that stack of
   cylinders that is sometimes used to represent data storage?
   16. MPL - I like it
   17. numeric conversion - what if the arrows were made a little smaller
   and there was a 2.0 on one end and a 2 on the other?
   18. polygon - why not a simplified version of one of those nice shapes
   in the polygon documentation?
   19. program options - this is decent, what about literally putting the
   text "--po" sans quotes there in the boost font? That would capture it 100%
   20. SmartPtr - It is good
   21. static assert - not as enthusiastic about this one. perhaps an
   exclamation mark alone or an exclamation mark with sparks aka static?
   22. test - fair enough, it clicks
   23. tuple - nice, but needs to be better distinguished from variant
   24. unordered - what about the numbers 1,3,2 in little boxes?
   25. utility - the standard utility logo works for me
   26. variant - I would change this to distinguish it from tuple, maybe a
   circle in a box and a triangle in a box?

By the way what tool do you use to make those?

Andrew Hundt

On Sun, Dec 15, 2013 at 10:53 AM, Adam Wulkiewicz <adam.wulkiewicz_at_[hidden]
> wrote:

> Mateusz Loskot wrote:
>> On 14 December 2013 12:37, Adam Wulkiewicz <adam.wulkiewicz_at_[hidden]>
>> wrote:
>>> It's all matter of figuring out the abstraction.
>>> [...]
>>> So in the case of Boost.Build the integration is simple and the idea is
>>> extendable:
>>> png.
>> I like this idea of abstraction + concrete feature, it works well on
>> build.png.
> Thanks for all remarks and ideas. As a compromise I've created simple
> versions of logos for also for other libraries. To show you the level of
> consistency I've gathered them together:
> For some libraries there are replacements (e.g. for Build, Container,
> Unordered) which can be found in separate files.
> Regards,
> Adam
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