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Subject: Re: [boost] [git][multi_index] help merging from develop
From: Peter A. Bigot (pab_at_[hidden])
Date: 2013-12-24 12:06:42

On 12/24/2013 10:57 AM, Bjørn Roald wrote:
> On 12/24/2013 05:46 PM, Peter A. Bigot wrote:
>> On 12/24/2013 10:24 AM, Bjørn Roald wrote:
>>> On 12/24/2013 03:19 PM, Joaquin M Lopez Munoz wrote:
>>>> Yes, I want the master branch to be exactly the same aas the branch
>>>> develop stands now.
>>> Then just try it again.
>>> git checkout master
>>> git tag bad-merge # for the paranoid needing an easy way to get back!
>>> git reset --hard 3239677c40b6e15d1bb49675cabb077460333538
>>> git merge --no-ff develop
>>> ... check you got what you want
>>> git tag -d bad-merge # for the paranoid that now has calmed down
>> I don't believe that will work; 3239677 (current master) already has
>> develop recorded as being present, so you get:
>> llc[431]$ git merge --no-ff develop
>> Already up-to-date.
>> without any change.
> Right, my bad, the reset should have been to the commit before
> git reset --hard 802543fd948b5cf41460addf2260693f08cf7f8d

Then git merge --no-ff develop results in conflicts because master and
develop diverged in March of 2006, and both have similar changes that
git can't resolve.

> Since git-merge does not have a "-s theirs"
>> parameter, the following does work:
>> git checkout -b hack develop
>> git merge master -s ours \
>> -m 'Merge to sync develop and master preferring develop'
>> git checkout master
>> git merge hack
>> git branch -d hack
>> git checkout develop
>> git merge master
>> That last two merges are fast-forward, which is fine in this case.
>> Check the results before you push (in fact, check the results after each
>> step so you understand what it's doing).
> I am sure this will work as well, but to me it is more complicated and
> it will leave the bad commit in history, which I am sure some will argue
> it should.

I'd be one of those people.

At any rate, there are several solutions with different characteristics.
 Try them locally, and push the one you like.


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