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Subject: Re: [boost] [GSoC] [RFC] Proposal: A C++11 enabled TMP library
From: Niall Douglas (s_sourceforge_at_[hidden])
Date: 2014-03-13 08:30:02

On 12 Mar 2014 at 16:47, Louis Dionne wrote:

> Concretely, here is a list of MPL11-related tasks I plan to clear during
> the summer. Note that full unit testing and documentation is implied for
> each task.

I hate to be a bore, but I'd actually say "with full unit testing and
documentation" for every single item individually. That's because
people tend to scan GSoC proposals quickly, not really reading it.
Remember we get in about 120 proposals each year.

> What follow is a list of optional tasks I would like to complete if I have
> the time. Again, each task implies full unit testing and documentation.

Add "and in consultation with my mentor(s)". And again mention the
unit testing and documentation every item.

> - Availability:
> I can start working a couple hours per week right now (I already do).
> However, full-time work should wait before the end of C++Now, which
> is May, 18. As for the stop date, I would go with the suggested date,
> which is August, 11.

Slightly change this: make the period from the start of GSoC up to
C++Now being preparing your GSoC for presentation to the Boost
community at C++Now (explain this is "the Boost conference"), and for
which you'll be working 40 hours a week except where exams intrude.

> The only factor limiting my availability is that I would like to take a
> vacation of perhaps one week or so during the summer. However, if I am
> not required to be super-available between the "pencils down" date and
> the final results announcement, then I can take my vacation at that time.

Mentioning vacations to GSoC is a bad idea. They're US, and in the US
culture you're always going to work 70 hour weeks seven days a week,
whether you actually do or not is not important.

Also, any time off you take is really a matter between you and your
mentor. Google need not to be worried about it. Last year, for
example, I gave Paul a long weekend off because he would have burned
out without the rest and/or his fiancee wouldn't be his fiancee any

I'd delete any mention of vacations if I were you.

> As always, comments are welcome!

With the above changes, I think you're ready to submit a proposal.

Well done Louis.


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