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Subject: Re: [boost] [config] Error in Jamfile influencing other libraries
From: John Maddock (boost.regex_at_[hidden])
Date: 2014-06-10 04:10:50

>> No, and I'm unable to run the tests in /status/ either with or without
>> the new config test present, I get some typically inscrutable
>> Boost.Build errors:
>> M:/data/boost/boost/tools/build/src/build\property.jam:740: in
>> class_at_property-map.find from module object(property-map)@255
>> error: Ambiguous key
>> M:/data/boost/boost/tools/build/src/build\type.jam:333: in
>> generated-target-ps from module type
>> M:/data/boost/boost/tools/build/src/build\type.jam:270: in
>> type.generated-target
>> -suffix from module type
>> M:/data/boost/boost/tools/build/src/build\virtual-target.jam:505: in
>> virtual-target.add-prefix-and-suffix from module virtual-target
>> M:/data/boost/boost/tools/build/src/build\virtual-target.jam:464: in
>> _adjust-name from module object(file-target)@98264
>> M:/data/boost/boost/tools/build/src/build\virtual-target.jam:253: in
>> abstract-file-target.__init__ from module object(file-target)@98264
>> M:/data/boost/boost/tools/build/src/build\virtual-target.jam:557: in
>> class_at_file-target.__init__ from module object(file-target)@98264
>> M:/data/boost/boost/tools/build/src/kernel\class.jam:90: in
>> from module class
>> How do I checkout the same tree as is used for testing?
> During testing bjam is built and run like this:
> # Starting tests
> ("D:\lib\test-boost3\tools_bb\src\engine\bin.ntx86\bjam.exe"
> "-sBOOST_BUILD_PATH=D:\lib\test-boost3;D:\lib\test-boost3\tools_bb\src"
> "-sBOOST_ROOT=D:\lib\test-boost3\boost_root" "--bo
> ost=D:\lib\test-boost3\boost_root"
> "--boost-build=D:\lib\test-boost3\tools_bb\src" "--debug-configuration"
> -l300 toolset=msvc-10.0 -d2 preserve-test-targets=off --dump-tests -m64
> "--build-dir=D:\lib
> \test-boost3\results" >>"D:\lib\test-boost3\results\bjam.log" 2>&1)...
> AFAIU if you just run (from BOOST_ROOT/status):
> b2 --dump-tests
> you should get similar results. So e.g. after running:
> b2 --dump-test | grep 'geometry'
> you should get the list of all of the tests which will be run for
> Geometry. Currently only 2.

OK, I can reproduce that, although the test run still terminates with
the error messages I reported above - which is to say nothing is
actually built even with the recent Config changes removed. I think we
need an expert...


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