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Subject: Re: [boost] How to establish boost configurations for cross-compilers not currently covered?
From: Dave Gomboc (dave_gomboc_at_[hidden])
Date: 2014-08-03 19:22:07

> > The boost config manual
> > does not explicitly address the case where one is attempting to
> > determine the relative lack of C++98 compliance of a cross-compiler
> > (e.g., for an embedded system) that is not already within Boost's
> > supported set of compilers.
> [Christopher Kormanyos]
> Dave, may I ask what cross compilers you are considering for
> your investigations?

I am not sure that I can say precisely which, but I feel safe enough
saying that none of them are intended to run under Unix or Linux.
Unfortunately, this means I can't directly use "configure" as per John
Maddock's suggestion. Though, it is true that some of the compilers
run under Windows, so perhaps I could install Cygwin to obtain
./configure capability... or, perhaps I could try running under Wine.
For the others, who knows...

> Although I can not answer your question directly, I am also
> very interested in finding ways to adapt or extend Boost support
> to embedded systems compilers --- even for small micros. I am
> particularly interested in extending the range of Boost and C++ to
> compilers from suppliers such as IAR systems, Green Hills,
> and also selected GCC crosses.
> I am also sensing increased interest in the Boost and C++
> communities regarding compilers not running *nix, Win32.
> There is, in my opinion, lots of work to do here --- especially
> when plain "int" is 16-bits in width or if an STL is lacking, or etc.

Int is 32 bits on most, if not all, of the platforms that I was
considering when I wrote my email. That said, there appears to be a
surprising amount of (hobbyist) retrocomputing activitly over the past
few years. So, I don't doubt at all that there might be interest even
where plain "int" is even just 8 bits!


P.S. I ordered your book recently, Chris, and am looking forward to
reading it when it arrives.

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