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Subject: [boost] Comments on generic matrix library with specific 3D operations -> news and documentation
From: Fabien Picarougne (fabien.picarougne_at_[hidden])
Date: 2014-08-13 18:31:15

Hello Boost,

After some holidays, I have finished to implement some functionalities of my
matrix library (
I have also begin to write some documentation
(, relatively poor at this
stage but sufficient (I think) to give you a real idea of the library.

Globally, functionalities are closed to Boost::QVM but implementation
strategy is different and uses more C++11 techniques as variadic templates
for example. I must also say that I took over the syntax of the swizzling
operator from this library.


I would appreciate if you could give me feedback on this code.


The code has been compiled on MSVC2013 and gcc 4.8 without warning (except
those that come from Boost.Preprocessor) by using these parameters (in gcc):

-Wall \

-Wextra \

-pedantic \

-Wmain \

-Wundef \

-Wsign-conversion \

-Wuninitialized \

-Wshadow \

-Wunreachable-code \

-Wswitch-default \

-Wswitch-enum \

-Wcast-align \

-Wmissing-include-dirs \

-Winit-self \

-Wfloat-equal \

-Wdouble-promotion \

-Wzero-as-null-pointer-constant \



Current namespace is temporary (and inherited from old library) and will be
changed in the future. Code needs also to be separated in more header files
(this work will be done soon).

I have kept in the git repository the "test.cpp" file which allows me to
test some functionalities (and incidentally allow you to evaluate the usage




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