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Subject: Re: [boost] GDB-like debugger for template metaprograms
From: Abel Sinkovics (abel_at_[hidden])
Date: 2014-11-30 16:36:19

Hi Edward,

On 2014-11-30 20:08, Edward Diener wrote:
> Building Metashell on Windows seems pretty flawed:
> 1) Metashell depends on Templight.
> 2) Templight supposedly depends on an older version of Clang than what
> is currently in the Clang svn source tree.
Metashell uses the functionality Templight provides. Since Templight is
not part of Clang (yet?), you need to build a Templight-enabled Clang
for Metashell. The patch is not following the Clang trunk continuously -
it is upgraded to the latest trunk sometimes. If you'd like to port the
patch to the latest in trunk, I'm happy to merge it.

> 3) The instructions say "Download the source code from github" soon
> followed by "Download the source code on your Windows host". Huh ?
I've removed this extra instruction. Thank you for pointing it out.

> 4) The instructions tell me to build Clang with Templight. Suppose I
> already have Clang regularly built from source using mingw/gcc. Am I
> actually building another version of clang just for Metashell and
> using that version instead as Clang when working with Metashell ? Ugh
> !!! It would be much better if whatever is needed from Clang were part
> of the latest clang source rather than some backdated version.
Of course it would be much easier if Templight was part of Clang, but it
isn't at the moment, so you need a special build. Let me know if you
have a better idea than this approach.

> 5) There is something about re-downloading the MingW header files. Is
> his ever necessary ? Why should I be doing this on Linux if I am
> building for Windows.
You probably don't need to do this, as they are part of the source tree.
The script it was done with is there, so you can see how they were
collected and I expect it to be useful for upgrading to newer versions
of these headers. The reason why it is a Linux script is that I found it
easier to write it this way - it shouldn't matter which platform you do
this on.


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