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Subject: [boost] [afio] status update (was: Re: File Handle and FILE* wrappers?)
From: Niall Douglas (s_sourceforge_at_[hidden])
Date: 2014-12-02 14:23:58

On 29 Nov 2014 at 14:59, Bjorn Reese wrote:

> On 11/26/2014 08:10 PM, Olaf van der Spek wrote:
> > Not many responses...
> > Does noone use native IO?

The other problem with anything Boost.Iostreams based is that
Iostreams has a severely flawed design in not supporting async i/o.
This makes Iostreams useless for almost any task I've needed it for
in recent years. It also doesn't help that it lacks a maintainer, and
has many annoying bugs (I recently had to use Iostreams due to
Boost.Process 0.5 forcing me, and I lost over a week of my time
fighting Iostreams to behave when combined with ASIO. It was quite
frankly a disaster).

> The reason I have not responded is because I would much rather have an
> asynchronous file I/O API (along the lines of Asio) with synchronous
> convenience functions. But this is a major task.

As Bjorn only knows too well but Olaf may not, proposed Boost.AFIO
provides portable asynchronous file i/o implementation library
extending ASIO.

It however does not use the ASIO handler callback idiom as that is
(in my opinion, though TBH I am right on this) unsuited for file i/o
where _ordering_ of operations is paramount. The ability to easily
program ordering makes an enormous difference to ease of use and
tweaking algorithms for performance on cold and warm cache file

Instead AFIO uses a functional result passing design currently based
on plain old futures. Benchmarks for the v1.2 engine are more than
plenty for even a top end SSD
rformance.html) but latencies are in my opinion not good enough
tency.html), so the work plan is as follows:

v1.3 engine: Port Boost.AFIO to proposed Boost.BindLib, thus making
AFIO standalone capable. This part is nearly done, it's mainly all
dotting i's and crossing t's to go, mainly on older compilers like
GCC 4.6. The red items on the CI dashboard
( are those todo fixme
support items apart from anything before VS2013 support for which I
am dropping.

v1.4 engine: Replace spinlocked unordered_map with proposed Boost
concurrent_unordered_map. This should yield a substantial performance
increase due to hugely improved concurrency and a large decrease in
latencies due to eliminating much use of malloc.

v1.5 engine: Replace async_io_op with a custom future type based on
the non-allocating constexpr continuations based basic_future I
proposed on this list some time ago. This should completely eliminate
malloc from the AFIO core engine, and I would assume we shall see
perfectly optimal performance and latencies in AFIO. A "free" bonus
is that AFIO becomes monadically programmable using either proposed
Boost.Hana or proposed Boost.Expected, or indeed any monadic C++
programming library of your choice (if it provides basic_future
support). This ought to make "simple" use of AFIO much more amenable
and its current batch based API is a big gnarly for occasional users.

If approved to present at C++ Now, I shall present on all this there
for those interested, and I currently intend to submit a talk or two
to CppCon.


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