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Subject: Re: [boost] Do we need BoostBook?
From: Paul A. Bristow (pbristow_at_[hidden])
Date: 2014-12-08 05:34:43

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> Subject: Re: [boost] Do we need BoostBook?
> On 12/08/2014 12:04 PM, John Maddock wrote:
> >>> We're responsible for that too - it's part of our customisation
> >>> layer
> >>> - if it's old fashioned, it's because it was written a long time ago
> >>> and no one has touched it since!
> >>
> >> Are you sure? It appears to be admon.xsl:graphical.admonition
> >> template in base Docbook XSLT layer, with BoostBook doing minor tweaks
> >> Anyway, I could switch to non-graphical admonitions to get HTML
> >> structure I could style, also live at above URL.
> >
> > OK, my mistake, yes admonishments get transformed into tables, if this
> > is a problem I suggest you raise it with the Docbook guys - they've been
> helpful to us in the past as I recall.
> I'm fine with non-graphical admonishments (which are divs).
> >>> Personally I like the PDF's *of individual libraries* not the whole
> >>> thing - they're easier to search and often to navigate than the HTML.
> >>> BTW printing HTML looses a lot of the structural information that
> >>> docbook contains, for example you don't get the document outline in
> >>> the left pane.
> >>
> >> Fair enough. On the other hand, HTML produced by BoostBook/DocBook is
> >> not quite perfect either and aging, and nobody's working on improving it.
> >
> > Are you sure? It's always seemed to me that docbook (and associated
> > stylesheets) is rather well maintained, albeit they're under-resourced
> > (like everyone!)
> It's subjective, so no, I'm not sure. But the fact that it uses tables
everywhere, is not
> mobile-friendly, and does not have modern navigation, speaks so.

It's possible, but I'm not sure that anyone would *want* to do more than look up
the odd factette on a mobile. But it's certainly possible and if we can make is
better, we should do it.

Would anyone want Boost docs on a tablet as bedtime reading? (except in case of
serious insomnia ;-)

So I don't think that being tablet friendly is *terribly* important -
hyperlinking, search and indexing and completeness are much more important
design objectives and we are not doing too badly on these.

> If we think tablet use case is important, a single line in the generated HTML
will improve matters considerably (the meta viewport tag).

Provided this has no cost to the desktop user, perhaps we should try to add


PS I note that the PDF reader in Windows 8.1 is so dumbed down that it makes
navigation of documents more than a few pages long almost impossible. This
makes reading, say, Boost.Math an unpleasant experience, even with the side
pages on.

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