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Subject: [boost] Boost on Android
From: Dmitry Moskalchuk (dm_at_[hidden])
Date: 2015-03-16 10:41:01

Hi all,

As someone of you already know, we've started regular regression testing
of Boost on Android. After some (bit longer than I expected) time of
debugging, we finally made it working in automatic mode so you can see
our results of Boost testing on
We also automatically publish Android-only testing results on and

Currently, we have numerous of fails. Some of them are bugs of Boost
libraries, some - bugs of CrystaX NDK. We're strongly aim to continue
support Boost on Android and fix our NDK to make Android as
POSIX-conforming as possible; however, it's not easy to review all fails
and distinguish NDK bugs from Boost bugs. So we're asking Boost
libraries authors to start looking on Android regression testing results
and file tickets to our tracker
( if it become clear that root
of fail is bug of CrystaX NDK.

CrystaX NDK is open-source project started as my personal project in
2009 to add C++ support to the Google's Android NDK (Google published
first Android NDK release in 2009, and there was no support of C++ at
all). My patches were published immediately but Google have added the
same level of C++ support two years after first CrystaX NDK release,
being constantly requested within two years to do that by Android
developers community. To that time CrystaX NDK was much more than just
"Android NDK with C++ support". Nowadays CrystaX NDK differs very much
from Google's one - mostly because Google isn't interested in evolving
of native development for Android; but we're _very_ interested. Our main
goal is to create powerful comprehensive toolkit for native development
for Android, and in fact we're making it much better than Google do.

We're strongly aim to continue working on CrystaX NDK and support Boost
on Android - just because it's helpful to our NDK too, not only to the
Boost community. However, since CrystaX NDK is fully open sourced and
we're working on it without being paid by any organization, we need help
from peoples interested in evolving of native development for Android.
Since 2009 I was working on the project in partial time fashion, making
money other way (being paid contractor and working on many commercial
projects); but last eight months we have switched to the full time
scheme, and have achieved significant results in last release. Now we
want to continue working on it full time, improving it more and more,
and making native development for Android easier.

We've started fundraiser on to collect
funds needed for us to continue working on CrystaX NDK full time. We're
calling everyone interested in Boost-on-Android to help us - either by
sponsoring us or providing contributions to our project.

I hope I did not violated rules of this mailing list because my message
is directly related to the Boost development. We just want to make both
CrystaX NDK and Boost better.

Some links: - CrystaX NDK project page - our bug tracker - here you could contact us directly

Dmitry Moskalchuk

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