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Subject: [boost] [peer review queue tardiness] Cleaning out the Boost review queue
From: Niall Douglas (s_sourceforge_at_[hidden])
Date: 2015-03-30 11:12:44

I've been reviewing the Boost Formal Review queue as part of
preparing my C++ Now presentation and I observe the following things:

Observation 1. The following review submissions have not been updated
by their authors in over two years and therefore count as
unmaintained. Abandoned libraries before peer review are even more
undesirable than abandoned official Boost libraries, I therefore
suggest they be removed from the review queue until their authors
bring them up to date:

* Join (last update 2009)

* Block pointer (last update: well, it's still in the SVN sandbox)

* Singularity (last update 2011)

* Extended Complex Numbers (last update 2012)

* Array (last update 2012)

* Countertree (last update 2012, I see a github import in 2013 but no
new commits)

* Process (last update 2012). This is a particularly useful library I
have used myself in production code, and I see a number of mirrors of
it on github each with varying patches and bug fixes. As a minimum,
somebody needs to create a canonical github project for Process and
merge the fixes from the many github copies. Otherwise, I'm sorry but
this library needs to be considered abandoned otherwise, and removed
from the review queue.

It may be the case that the links on the review queue wiki page are
simply out of date. If so, they need to be updated. Otherwise a purge
of the queue is very desirable such that the queue accurately
reflects ready to use new Boost libraries.

Observation 2: Edit Distance (Algorithm) by Erik Erlandson shouldn't
be in the queue. What he's done is to add a new algorithm to
Boost.Algorithm, so the maintainer for Algorithm (Marshall?) should
either merge his contribution or reject it as inappropriate or badly

Failing that, Edit Distance should be spun into a standalone library
instead of forking Algorithm. Right now it is supplied quite
literally as a fork of the algorithm github. It should be a pull
request, yet I don't see it in the pull requests for
boostorg/algorithm, neither open nor closed.


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