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Subject: Re: [boost] what happened to the "tools/regression" directory - and the stuff in it?
From: Jessica Hamilton (jessica.l.hamilton_at_[hidden])
Date: 2015-03-31 18:59:22

On 1/04/2015 8:20 AM, "Robert Ramey" <ramey_at_[hidden]> wrote:
> Beman Dawes wrote
> > On Thu, Mar 26, 2015 at 1:39 PM, Robert Ramey &lt;
> > ramey@
> > &gt; wrote:
> >> I repackaged this is a git project in the form compatible with
> > <boost
> >>
> > directory>/tools/...
> >>
> >>
> >>
> >> So you can clone it into this directory, build it via boost build
> >> CMake, copy the executable to a convenient place and start generating
> >> your
> >> local test table.
> >>
> >> If there's interest, we can add it back into the boost tools directory.
> >
> > Robert,
> >
> > Why on earth you do that rather than just cloning
> > git@
> > :boostorg/regression.git and using it directly?
> Rene had told me that the directory was obsolete and for that reason it
> dropped.
> I found it and resurrected it on my system.
> I looked at and it contains a huge number of files whose purpose I
> understand. Also the directory structure was quite different that than
> of the other tools files which I wanted to replicate. It seemed to me
> that I would have to undo Rene's delete then do ... what exactly?.
> I foresaw a disproportional amount of git ju-jitso in order to resurrect
> (and merge in recent changes) something that had already been
> deprecated and no one seemed to have interest in anyway. Then
> I would have to move the files and directories around. I actually
> did consider it. But it all just looked to hairy for something no one
> had an interest in but me. So I just cut the gordian knot and did it.
> Actually, it's not even clear that it will be part of boost. No one seems
> to
> be interested in it and it's never been reviewed. It was dropped and no
> complained
> except me.
> That's why I did what I did what I did. I still don't seen anything
> wrong with it.
> > If there are problems with
> > git@
> > :boostorg/regression.git, it
> > is fine to fork it, fix the problems, then submit pull requests. But
> > there is no reason it needs to be part of the Boost super-project. I
> > guess we should have left a dummy boost-root/tools/regression
> > directory in the super-project to point people to the new location,
> > and provided explicit build instructions. I'll try to do that in the
> > next few days, but it won't happen for 1.58.0.
> Of course it's up to you, but it still doesn't seem worth your time
> to me.

Actually, I had just asked on the boost testing list if there was a tool I
could run to get a nice HTML report from for regression testing that I can
view locally.

There's a large number of failures for me to investigate for the Haiku
port, and waiting for the regression web pages to update is painfully slow

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