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Subject: Re: [boost] [peer review queue tardiness] [was Cleaning out the Boost review queue] Review Queue member requirements
From: Niall Douglas (s_sourceforge_at_[hidden])
Date: 2015-04-02 15:33:07

On 2 Apr 2015 at 11:56, Robert Ramey wrote:

> You're advocating a whole different way of reviewing libraries. That's
> fine - but it has nothing to do with the incubator. Should Boost change
> it's way of reviewing/certifying libraries the the question of implementing
> the new system would be wide open.

I'll tell you my ideal outcome, and it's what I'll pitch after your

When a user thinks "I need a (C++) library to do X", they instantly
think of On that page is a set of user
selectable fields which lets the user choose any ranking criteria
they want, with results displayed with any detail columns of their

In the live populated results of ranked libraries, a button marked
"Download" downloads a ready to go tarball of that library and all
its dependencies. Another button marked "Live Trial" opens an online
web compiler with that library preinstalled.

Anyone can add any library to the database using a simple form.
Boost's value add is that all results are scored by the same
(hopefully high quality) rules, so if we choose the rules well then
the best libraries bubble to the top, and the worst appear at the

As you correctly point out, that is a completely different Boost to
the current one. But then it *is* a "Boost 2.0". And note that one of
the ranking criteria can be "has passed a peer review", in which case
you've just selected Boost 1.x type libraries only for the results to

Before you say this is pretty much what the Incubator does, I'll ask
this: does the present implementation of the Incubator scale to 1,000
C++ libraries? All being repeatedly updated on a daily basis by
automated Jenkins and Travis CI instances? What about multiple
versions of those libraries, as surely C++ 11/14 only versions of
well known libraries are coming and the 03 edition remains supported.
Indeed, if BindLib proves popular, we'll even be seeing API
versioning become popular, so library X may depend on vA to vD of the
library Y API, but won't work with anything else.


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