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Subject: Re: [boost] Fwd: [SORT] Parallel Algorithms
From: Francisco José Tapia (fjtapia_at_[hidden])
Date: 2015-04-16 06:19:47

Sorry by the mistake,

 I was using an old version , I download the code in December, and the
files inside are from October.

 I just revised the new version, and the documentation is much better than
the older. ( The index.html don't run well because don't exist the folder
doc/html/) .

As see in the sort.pdf, the spreadsort function is in the boost::sort
namespace. This can be coherent with my previous message.

 My initial idea is to put the functions in the boost::sort namespace with
the names

   - introsort
   - parallel_introsort
   - smart_merge_sort
   - parallel_stable_sort
   - sample_sort

 I include the sample sort because in the parallel sorting of strings the
sample sort is a 27% faster than parallel_stable_sort , and use only a 4%
more of memory.

 The code can be in a folder with any name, by example,
boost/sort/generalsort/algorithms.hpp. What's your opinion?

 According to your recommendations, I create the benchmarks, and the data
are extracted from a file generate with a random number generator.

I am trying to check in machines with many cores, I am talking with
friends of universities of Madrid.

I include the spreadsort in the benchmarks, and the results are impressive.

I changed the name of the objects ( now is int_array) , and use the default
copy constructor and the default operator =, the comparison is with the sum
of all the values in the array, and all the positions of the array are
filled with the random numbers of the file

 I am writing the documentation and changing the test programs to adapt to
the boost format. In a few days, I will create a git repository, with all
the information

 Sorry again by my mistake. Yours


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