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Subject: Re: [boost] Formalising the review process into a well specified workflow (was: Re: [Boost-announce] [metaparse] Review period star
From: Paul A. Bristow (pbristow_at_[hidden])
Date: 2015-06-03 07:02:06

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> Subject: [boost] Formalising the review process into a well specified workflow (was: Re:
> [metaparse] Review period star
> On 3 Jun 2015 at 5:07, Rob Stewart wrote:
> > At this point, everyone is agreed to proceed, so this will be a lesson
> > for future library submitters and review managers.
> I think that is exactly the wrong conclusion to draw, and the past drawing of that conclusion had
led to us
> repeating, yet again, an unpleasant and inefficient review compared to what it should have been.
> wonder the review pipeline ground to a halt in the past, everyone just gets put off.
> A much better conclusion to draw is this:
> 1. There is more than one kind of library peer review:
> a. "I'm working on this new library, I would like to hear comments on it"
> b. "I have this preexisting mature library which I would like to add to Boost, is Boost
interested in it?"
> c. "I have an idea for a new library, would Boost be interested in it?"
> d. "I have finished this library and I believe it is ready to enter Boost"
> Also:
> e. "I have substantially refactored an existing Boost library into a breaking change which
affects other
> Boost libraries"
> 2. Different types of library review have different procedures, so
> essentially:
> a => Incubator
> b => Formal Review, no Review Manager
> c => boost-dev mailing list
> d => Formal Review, needs Review Manager
> e => Whatever the maintainer thinks best
> 3. Different kind of library review should have detailed, step by
> step, "tick box" formalised procedures (formal workflow) to take the
> (prospective) library author from where they begin to a successfully
> completed conclusion with a minimum of inefficiency.
> 4. There is no shortage of free web tooling which can automate the
> ticking of those boxes and walk library authors through the
> formalised procedure. Indeed, Boost already is on Google Apps, and
> Google Forms is one of the best free web tooling for forms. Unlike
> most other Boost infrastructure needs (hint - is my volunteering to
> upgrade Trac approved? If so, a ball needs to start rolling) where
> our infrastructure requirements simply aren't there yet, for Forms
> and workflow programming we are ready to go.
> 5. Ideally in the future a review manager would have their own form
> with boxes to tick, and part of their form would be to check the form
> the library author filled in i.e. the forms themselves feed into one
> another as part of the programmed workflow.
> If the community likes this idea, I can spec it up into another grant
> proposal and submit that to the steering committee.

No -let's NOT formalise it.

It ain't broke - don't fix it.



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