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Subject: Re: [boost] wiki
From: Niall Douglas (s_sourceforge_at_[hidden])
Date: 2015-07-16 06:21:47

On 15 Jul 2015 at 13:59, Stefan Seefeld wrote:

> The content of seems rather outdated,
> and it has been confusing me a number of times as it wasn't clear what
> is and what isn't up-to-date.
> * There is an entire section "Quick Access to the Boost Subversion
> Repository". Shouldn't that be removed entirely ?
> * The section "Git and Modular Boost" starts with "Boost is moving...".
> Isn't that conversion complete (and thus, shouldn't the docs state that
> clearly) ?
> * There are other seemingly outdated bits, but there are relatively minor...

At least the wiki is easy for anybody with a login to update and

> What I was actually trying to figure out is how / where to indicate that
> for Boost.Python I would like issues to be submitted with the respective
> github issue tracker, rather than the old Boost Trac instance. It's
> still not clear how to do that (as the Boost docs are again quite
> monolithic in this respect, i.e. don't allow a per-library policy). So
> if anyone has suggestions on where / how to express that, please let me
> know.

An upgrade of Trac to the latest version would give us Trac <=>
Github issue integration so both trackers become synchronised and git
commit messages are deeply integrated with both trackers. Trac has
been able to do that for years now, but our Trac is very old.

I failed to even do a trial run of such an upgrade due to nobody
knowing who has the keys to the servers anymore.

For your purposes, if I were you I'd not worry too much. You'll find
users ignore your instructions anyway. Indeed, far too many issues
are now reported on Stackoverflow, and nowhere else. I constantly
miss bug reports on stackoverflow because SO won't reliably send me
emails with my subscribed topics or keywords :(


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