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Subject: Re: [boost] [afio] AFIO review postponed till Monday
From: Niall Douglas (s_sourceforge_at_[hidden])
Date: 2015-07-21 12:24:32

On 21 Jul 2015 at 8:30, Glen Fernandes wrote:

> Did the review start yesterday?

Short answer: Sadly I believe not. I was unhappy with the tutorial in
the documentation.

Longer answer: I've been investing 40 hours per week after work into
preparing for this review since C++ Now late May when Ahmed
volunteered to manage the review in writing lightweight monadic
future promise as AFIO needs to be refactored along the lines and
rationale described at

Lightweight monads + future promise is finished in the sense of being
close to feature complete and passing conformance and efficiency
testing on all supported compilers. I spent last week mocking up the
v1.4 AFIO API based on wrappers and shims atop the v1.3 engine as a
prelude to rewriting the engine completely based on lightweight
monads + future promise (that way the same unit test code is used for
both old engine and new engine, and that eases my conformance testing

I finished the last of the new API shim code at 3am on Sunday night.
I got the small code examples rewritten to use the new API, but the
big tutorial code examples still use the old API (which is still in
there, just hidden from the docs).

At 6am I gave up too exhausted to continue, and I asked Ahmed to give
me his opinion on if what I had was ready for review or not. The big
problem is what is the definition of a library being "finished"
because if you take the strictest interpretation, AFIO will not be
finished for another three to five years (I have a three year roadmap

Most would then say, okay it's finished and ready for review when the
API is stable, but AFIO can happily coexist with different versions
of itself thanks to APIBind, indeed a full copy of the v1.3 engine
ships in v1.4, and any code written to use the v1.3 engine will
forever continue to work perfectly. This is because AFIO guarantees a
hard versioned and bound ABI layer using PIMPL, so the AFIO DLL can
deliver multiple ABI versions of itself in the same shared library

Note that while the AFIO API pretends it is using lightweight future
promises, it is in fact internally emulating the API it will have
once the engine is rewritten to use those. I am estimating four
months to do the rewrite and debug of the engine, and I usually

I'd really prefer the peer review *before* I rewrite the engine as
that is an enormous time saver for me as I can incorporate the
feedback during the rewrite instead of having to refactor already
written and debugged code, and then do the debugging again. For me
debugging is running 24 hour soaks of the unit tests to find every
last instability, so it's unavoidably time consuming.

I therefore think the minimum definition of a library being
"finished" has to be when there is a coherent snapshot in time. This
is why I am unhappy with the tutorial as it was written for a mix of
the v1.2 and v1.3 engines, and whilst the tutorial code works
perfectly in v1.4 I think it misleads the reader as to the current
state of the API and library, specifically regarding the Concurrency
TS where the v1.4 API is now aligned, but the tutorial presents
non-aligned idioms and semantics from the < v1.4 era. So I really
need to rewrite the tutorial completely with all new code examples
using the new API and for one of the code examples, using the fancy
new C++ 1z coroutines implementation in VS2015 RTM which just shipped
as the current code example is nested callback hell, and coroutines
just make that code so much nicer to understand.

I've decided to take this week away from AFIO to clear my mind as
it's been a long old stretch from May till now, but will restart work
on it on Saturday and continuing the following week. I just became
unemployed last Friday, so I can unusually use daylight hours to do
the work for once.

As for when the review might start, I guess it depends on when I'm
not unhappy with what I intend to present and on Ahmed's schedule.
Sorry for the delay everyone.

All that said, apart from the tutorial any early observations about
anything within are


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