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Subject: Re: [boost] This AFIO review (was: Re: [afio] AFIO review postponed till Monday)
From: Glen Fernandes (glen.fernandes_at_[hidden])
Date: 2015-08-23 10:36:00

On Sat, Aug 22, 2015, Niall Douglas wrote:
> v1.3 AFIO is the old, very well tested, mature engine with the
> original API from GSoC 2013. It is reliable, won't lose you data,
> exposes the POSIX race freedom guarantees, and is a good solid base
> for any file system application. It is not particularly friendly to
> program with, or at least that's what everyone has told me.
> v1.4 AFIO is the library being presented here. It has a new, much
> more friendly API which should address all the usability concerns
> people have expressed over the past two years.
> The *internal* *implementation* of the v1.4 AFIO you are being
> presented with is currently implemented internally using the v1.3
> engine. That makes it just as reliable, just as well tested, just as
> solid a base for a database application as v1.3 AFIO is, except it is
> now easier to program against. A later *internal* implementation will
> be completely new, but that isn't important to this review because
> little external changes. Code written now still works later, just
> faster.

I see where I was not on the same page. You meant AFIO's
implementation is going to change (get faster) later, but AFIO's
interface is complete now.

I think you're better off not mentioning the different versions, and
possibly even future implementation details; it is only going to
confuse us. Unless you intend for the latter to impact the review
(i.e. for anyone who finds AFIO not fast enough now, vote differently
based on the promise of a faster engine later) which you've already
stated in your e-mail above that you do not wish to do.

> Again, instead of jumping to conclusions based on ranting by a person
> with a well known personal vendetta against me, I'd suggest go read
> the documentation.

Will do. I was at Table 1.4 which prompted my recent questions about


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