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Subject: Re: [boost] End of AFIO review thoughts (was: Re: [Boost.AFIO] Formal Review)
From: Niall Douglas (s_sourceforge_at_[hidden])
Date: 2015-09-02 13:31:38

On 1 Sep 2015 at 23:56, Glen Fernandes wrote:

> > Private email will
> > continue to work of course, and I'll be tipping away at no more than
> > eight hours per week on Boost.Outcome and the AFIO engine rewrite
> > until they're done.
> I noticed that you referred to AFIO without the Boost suffix now
> (unlike "Boost.Outcome"). Does this mean that while you will continue
> working on AFIO you don't plan to resubmit it for review?

That would depend on the review manager's verdict.

If Ahmed recommends rejection, the next time you'll see AFIO is as a
purely internal implementation library inside another Boost library.
It'll be exposed in the reference documentation, but otherwise be
unmentioned as it's been made very clear this review the
documentation must only refer to the Boost library at hand. From my
personal perspective, once the surrounding Boost library is in Boost,
that's AFIO into Boost as well and I'm planning to leave it at that.
Life is too short to be fighting people over unimportant minutiae
when the end goal of a transactional key store is far more important.

> (I wasn't sure whether the uncertainty in the phrase "that might bear
> fruit in any later review of AFIO in months or years to come" was
> meant to imply that).

If Ahmed recommends acceptance, I would have surely thought an
additional review will be needed. I am hoping in that case that AFIO
would not look so alien in say six months time once people's minds
have had a chance to get used to the idea.


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