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Subject: Re: [boost] git reset and force push
From: Stephen Kelly (hello_at_[hidden])
Date: 2015-10-07 12:49:17

Raffi Enficiaud wrote:

> Le 07/10/15 17:02, Andrey Semashev a écrit :
>> On 07.10.2015 16:27, Raffi Enficiaud wrote:
>>> Since the organization of boost.test is biased by the runners, our
>>> develop branch will become a kind of release branch (like master for
>>> other less coupled modules). Our internal develop branch (not called
>>> develop but something else) will accept force pushes, but this is fine
>>> since it is not meant to be checked out by anyone but boost.test
>>> developers.
>> There's one problem with this approach, if you intend to accept patches
>> or pull requests. What branch are they supposed to be against? So far
>> the general rule was to create PRs against develop. Others have
>> mentioned problems with forks in case when history is rewritten, so
>> maybe PRs will become unusable.
> The patch can be rebased manually before being commited. This is what
> they do in eg. CMake and it is working quite well.

Speaking as an upstream CMake maintainer, this statement is not true.

Once a commit is reachable from the master branch it is definitely not
rebased. The master branch does not get rewritten. Rewriting long-lived
branches is wrong.

Temporary branches under review can get rebased. That is very different.
Then the temporary branch gets merged to master and the temporary branch is



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