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Subject: Re: [boost] a safe integer library
From: Paul A. Bristow (pbristow_at_[hidden])
Date: 2015-12-10 12:30:47

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> Subject: [boost] a safe integer library
> Arithmetic operations in C++ are NOT guaranteed to yield a correct mathematical result. This
> is inherited from the early days of C.
> The behavior of int, unsigned int and others were designed to map closely to the underlying
> hardware. Computer hardware implements these types as a fixed number of bits. When the result of
> arithmetic operations exceeds this number of bits, the result will not be arithmetically correct.
> I have crafted a library to address this issue once and for all. You can find out more about this
> checking out the page for Safe Numerics at the boost library incubator.
> I hereby request that this library be added to the boost review queue.
> I've also made a proposal for the C++ Standards committee to include a simplified version of this
> library as part of he C++ standard.
> You can see the proposal at

Detecting and handling overflow (and underflow) is certainly something is a big missing item with

But I'm not sure that your proposal is radical enough.

I'm sure that your solution will work (though I haven't been able to study it in detail yet),
but if you allow definition of a safe minimum and maximum then I fear that you are paying the big
cost in speed
that comes from not using the built-in carry bit provided by all the processors that we care about.

So I fear it is premature until we have solved the problem of detecting overflow and underflow

Lawrence Crowl, Overflow-Detecting and Double-Wide Arithmetic Operations

This seems something that will allow your solution to be efficient, at least for built-in integral

(And not everyone wants to throw exceptions - even if perhaps many think that they are mad?)



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