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Subject: Re: [boost] [build] How to use with clang on windows?
From: degski (degski_at_[hidden])
Date: 2016-03-27 10:56:43

Hi Edward,

An executable built with mingw(-64)/gcc runs natively on Windows, so your
> comment above makes no sense.

Yes, I use plenty of those (mingw) executables all the time. But
executables, I download, libraries (like boost) I use to create (my own)

It's hard enough supporting the non-conforming VC++ preprocessor. I
> personally have no intention of supporting another non-conforming
> implementation of the C++ preprocessor in clang's 'emulation' of VC++ in
> Boost PP or Boost VMD. If you or someone else wants to do it, go ahead.

The clang-team has as one of its objectives to be compatible with VC, and
they encourage you to report differences/problems with compiler switches
(lost the link). You write: "...I personally have no intention...". That's
fine, the world doesn't revolve around you alone, I (and John Maddock (the
OP) amongst others) would like it to work, and work correctly.

The issue is the huge amount of work involved in supporting a
> non-conforming C++ preprocessor such as VC++ in Boost PP and Boost VMD. The
> answer to that is not to create another different non-conforming C++
> preprocessor.

No, I get that, the answer should be that the clang-team should emulate
VC++ perfectly (their intention, so help them), so YOU don't have any
issues. I'm getting the impression you are getting religious about this
"it's not the same issue". Yes it's not the same, but at the same time M$
has committed to be/get more (even fully?) compliant, and the clang-team
works hard to bridge the gaps as well (and as far as I understood with help
of M$).

This is my last post on this particular issue, I'd rather concentrate on
getting boost (compiled with whatever compiler (VC14 is fine)). Static
boost libs linked to a static vc-runtime is my requirement) to work with
clang as a user of boost libraries. This is for now a problem, issues in
typeof and type_traits prevent this (and maybe others, but we won't know
untill the typeof and type_traits issues are fixed, as they propagate).

I hope you found some easter-eggs this morning, if you didn't, I wish you a
good day anyway and here's my easter-bunny for comfort:



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