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Subject: Re: [boost] Additional Test Configurations
From: Robert Ramey (ramey_at_[hidden])
Date: 2016-06-08 12:24:31

On 6/7/16 4:54 AM, Tom Kent wrote:
> About a month ago I got three new machines dedicated to testing boost
> online (thanks to Boost Community/Steering Committee/Conservancy!). These
> three machines are currently running tests along with a couple other
> machines that I have. Now that things are up and running, I'm looking for
> some community input as to how best utilize them.
> Here's the current setup:
> teeks99-01 - Ubuntu 14.04 + Docker
> - gcc-4.4 (master + develop) Docker precise + ubuntu-toolchain-r/test
> - gcc-4.5 (master + develop) Docker precise + ubuntu-toolchain-r/test
> - gcc-4.6 (master + develop) Docker precise + ubuntu-toolchain-r/test
> - gcc-4.7 (master + develop) Docker precise + ubuntu-toolchain-r/test
> - gcc-4.8 (master + develop) Docker trusty + ubuntu-toolchain-r/test
> - gcc-4.9 (master + develop) Docker trusty + ubuntu-toolchain-r/test

I have problems with the current test system. I don't know if this is
the place to describe them, but I posted on the test list and haven't
gotten any response.

Basically I have a test failures on all gcc compilers on the develop
branch of the test matrix. But I test one gcc compilers (gcc-5.1) on my
local evironment (MacOS) in all combinations release/debug,
shared/static, std=C++11/C++03 and everything passes (except of a bugs
in the gcc library). So I'm at a loss to determine the cause of the
issue and the test system is standing in my way.

show some information about the test environment - but I can't figure
out what configuration debug/release ... it's using to run the tests.

shows some more information. One thing that jumps out is that there is
no -DBOOST_SERIALIZATION_DYN_LINK=1 on the command line which seems to
suggest that the serialization library is being linked statically while
other libraries are being linked dynamically. This is usually a
non-starter at least with msvc/windows. On the other hand, the tests on
the master seem to have no problem with this. The whole thing is a
mystery to me.

Another thing - all the tests on Mingw fail due to a complaint about the
visibility attribute set to import from the serialization DLL. Of course
that is exactly what we want to do! I also tried cygwin on my local
machine but due to issues I could never straighten out, I couldn't get
it to work. I used to do this all the time but now I don't.

Finally, although I don't have this problem now, compilation errors get
truncated too short. If one has a long list of warnings - which I get
with spirit - any real errors are lost - this makes it very, very, very
hard to find a mistake.

At the very least we should have some way to see all the configuration
which is being tested.

Longer run, I'd prefer to see a whole different approach to testing.

Robert Ramey

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