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Subject: [boost] enabling constexpr with Visual studio 2015 Update 3 (RC)
From: Paul A. Bristow (pbristow_at_[hidden])
Date: 2016-06-11 11:41:44

I am trying to use the enhanced constexpr features and have (perhaps unwisely) downloaded the latest Visual Studio Update 3 (RC) to
get as great a chance of achieving this as possible. (and later posts)

I am unsure what I need to do to ensure that the compiler is enabled for use the latest features.

I have added /std:c++14 to the options of the property for the project.

(aside I also tried /std:C++latest but that works for some tasks but failed to compile with odd-looking errors in converter.hpp

Error C2518 keyword 'typename' illegal in base class list; ignored
\modular-boost\boost\numeric\conversion\detail\converter.hpp 453

// Trivial Converter : used when (cv-unqualified) T == (cv-unqualified) S
  template<class Traits>
  struct trivial_converter_impl : public std::unary_function< BOOST_DEDUCED_TYPENAME Traits::argument_type
                                                              ,BOOST_DEDUCED_TYPENAME Traits::result_type
                                 ,public dummy_range_checker<Traits>

So I stopped trying that /std:c++latest option. What else should it do?)

Running the modular-boost/libs/config/config_info.cpp program

   BOOST_NO_CXX14_CONSTEXPR [no value]

    BOOST_CONSTEXPR [no value]
    BOOST_STATIC_CONSTEXPR =static const

These don't seem to be what I think that I would expect (constexpr and static constexpr).

I want especially to use BOOST_STATIC_CONSTEXPR to get static constexpr.

Do I need to also add #define BOOST_CXX14_CONSTEXPR in my program or elsewhere?
(Doing this doesn't change BOOST_CONSTEXPR_OR_CONST from const to constexpr)

Thanks for any suggestions.


Paul A. Bristow
Prizet Farmhouse
Kendal UK LA8 8AB
+44 (0) 1539 561830

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