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Subject: Re: [boost] [config] [atomic] Problem with placement of BOOST_ALIGNMENT - requesting opinions/suggestions
From: Groke, Paul (paul.groke_at_[hidden])
Date: 2017-02-27 23:45:42

Everybody, I think I need to apologize for "not doing my homework" -
at least not as thoroughly as I probably should have.

I have now written the tests for explicit alignment support of the z/OS
compiler, and they revealed that it doesn't *reliably* support
explicit alignment at all. I'm sorry, I really didn't expect the
compiler to be *that* broken :(

In detail, my tests revealed that while the alignment specs for types
are parsed just fine where BOOST_ALIGNMENT should go, the compiler
"forgets" about them when repeatedly "nesting" the type that carries the
alignment requirement in other types that contain it as a member.
I.e. level 0 (=the type that's "annotated" with __aligned__) works fine,
leve 1 also works fine, but level 2 (e.g. a struct containing a struct
that contains the annotated type) falls back to alignment 8.
Current GCC, Clang and MSVC versions don't seem to have that problem,
they support nesting just fine - at least to a level of 8, which is
where I stopped.

I really thought that with Visual Studio 6.0 withering away in silence,
we wouldn't have to deal with compilers which are that severely broken

Andrey Semashev wrote:
> On 02/28/17 00:39, Groke, Paul via Boost wrote:
>> Andrey Semashev wrote:
>>> This makes the compiler incompatible with the current semantics of
>>> BOOST_ALIGNMENT. You probably need to revise the changes made in
>>> the recent Boost.Config PR[1] regarding BOOST_ALIGNMENT. Please,
>>> prepare an updating PR for Boost.Config.
>> Yes, I will. Should I undo the "make BOOST_ALIGNMENT definable in the
>> compiler header" part (the "escape") as well, or just the definition
>> of BOOST_ALIGNMENT in the header for the z/OS compiler?
> Thanks. I'm ok if the escape is left as is now.

Will do. Tomorrow - it's getting (too) late today.

>> Thanks! IMO that's the best immediate solution. The z compiler indeed
>> has an intrinsic for the z/Arch's "double-width CAS" instruction,
>> which would allow 128 bit atomics in 64 bit mode. But we don't need it.
>> And since there are plenty platforms that don't support double-width
>> CAS in 64 bit mode, not having it on z either should be acceptable.
> Ok, that's a good starting point. However, I think DCAS is used in
> Boost.Lockfree, and maybe somewhere else, so you may want to revisit
> this solution later.

Seems this is the only possible solution now, so I guess that's what I'll
do. Thanks for the hint to Boost.Lockfree, I'll check that in time. I don't
think we currently use Boost.Lockfree though. Since the places where
BOOST_ALIGNMENT is used inside Boost itself are limited, I think I'll
have a look at all of them when I find the time.

I don't expect a big problem though, since IIRC not even the Boost.Atomic
implementation for MSVC/x86 supports double width CAS in 64 bit mode.

Sorry again and thanks for all your help!

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