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Subject: Re: [boost] [gsoc17] Project1: Static map: Can I implement the competency test in g++-7?
From: Vic Luo (vicluo96_at_[hidden])
Date: 2017-03-07 11:56:36


I would like to share my progress on the competency project made
recently. I managed to implement:

  constexpr std::pair<const int, const char *> map_data[] = {
    { 5, "apple" },
    { 8, "pear" },
    { 0, "banana" }

   constexpr auto cmap = make_static_map(map_data);
    if (!has_str(cmap, "apple")) abort();
    if (!has_str(cmap, "pear")) abort();

    if(!cmap[8]) abort();
    const char *foo=cmap[5];
    const char *bar = std::get<2>(cmap);
    if (strcmp(bar, "banana")) abort();
   // system(cmap[8]);
    auto m = make_static_map(map_data);
     m[0] = "strawberry";

with zero runtime overhead and O(1) compile-time complexity(measured by
template instantiation) on g++-6+ and clang-3.6+ with flag -std=c++14
and -O3. It is also experimented that zero runtime and O(1) compile-time
complexity could be achieved on constant path of g++-5. In the next few
days, I'm going to focus on MSVC2017 efficient implementation.

Regarding the design of static_map's interface, I doubt that is it
possible or worthwhile to implement a subscript-like operator/function
that checks boundary at compile time(given that key is a constant
expression)? Compilation errors tend to be more likely to be discovered
than runtime exception.


On 03/04/2017 12:18 AM, Vic Luo wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm Zheng Luo, a third-year undergraduate from Shanghai Jiaotong
> University who have special interest in C++ programming(especially for
> templates). This is my second year of applying Google Summer of Code and
> I'm willing to contribute to Static Map project mentioned on SoC2017
> page. Previously I worked for a company as a C++ intern for months on
> Chromium-related projects where I gained some experience about C++ in
> industry.
> And my question is, am I allowed to implement the competency test of
> static_map in g++-7? I have just implemented my own version of
> static_map which supports the following operations:
> constexpr StaticMap<int, const char *, 3> m(make_pair(2, "abc"),
> make_pair(4, "def"), make_pair(6, "ghi"));
> if (!m[4])
> abort();
> const char *foo = m[2];
> return 0;
> which is compiled into assembly as:
> main:
> xorl %eax, %eax
> ret
> under g++-7 with -std=c++1z -O3
> So I was wondering did I pass the test?
> Thanks,

Vic Luo
Shanghai Jiaotong University
Key fingerprint 0x98809ca08bf5662a

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