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Subject: Re: [boost] [regression runner] Preference libstdc++ vs. libc++
From: Niall Douglas (s_sourceforge_at_[hidden])
Date: 2017-03-08 16:47:22

>> Oh, and the reference to Update 2 is when it started to compile the
>> Windows headers without any special options.
> I installed the "Clang with Microsoft codegen", aka C2/clang, for VS2015
> in order to see what I might need to do to integrate it into Boost
> PP/VMD. I then went looking for documentation in the VS2015 IDE Help for
> how to use it either from the IDE or command line. Absolutely no
> documentation exists within Visual Studio 2015 about it, nor is there
> any official docs anywhere on the web which I could find. I doubt very
> much whether this is a viable option in VS2015 for compiling Boost
> libraries. I will take a look again with VS2017, which I have just
> downloaded, but considering that no documentation for this exists AFAICS
> I highly doubt whether this Microsoft offering, whatever it is, will
> work with Boost. Call me a skeptic, but if I a C++ product is released
> without documentation, whether from Microsoft or anyone else, I have
> great doubts that it will actually work with C++ standard code.

I vaguely remember Boost Build added support for C2 clang a while back.
That would be VS2015 located C2 clang, VS2017 uses some very weird path
for it.

cmake has also built in support for C2 clang, it's something like -T

In terms of documentation for it, basically it works like LLVM clang
except for additional ICEs, it doesn't support a lot of the SIMD
intrinsics, and you can debug its output fully. A really fun thing you
can do with C2 clang is turn on the sanitisers and they nearly actually


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